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With a proven portfolio of solutions that span discovery through large-scale commercial production, we bring process intensification across your upstream and downstream workflows, without compromising on quality. And to stay ahead of future bioprocessing needs, we are focused on working with customers and utilizing our unique capabilities, like open architecture engineering and customization, to provide the right solutions to achieve optimal bioprocessing outcomes. That’s our commitment to you and it’s what we call Bioprocessing by Design.

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Gene therapy: It’s in our DNA.

With Thermo Fisher Scientific, you have the support you need to push your therapeutic development strategies a step further. We offer a suite of scalable and robust solutions for all stages of the gene therapy workflow, from development through commercialization, to help you accelerate your development and meet regulatory standards with confidence. With our help, you can bring your discovery to life and accelerate delivery of live-saving, breakthrough therapies.


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  • Over the past several years, perfusion has become an increasingly attractive process for development in the biopharmaceutical industry. To fully evaluate whether a perfusion application will work in a production process, it is critical to have standardized terminology. This white paper explains key terms that are essential for understanding the process.

  • The gene therapy division of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer was looking for ways to overcome capacity constraints due to the increased production demands for process liquids and buffers. Non-core manufacturing activities, including the weigh and dispense steps in the process liquid and buffer preparation, were identified as bottlenecks impacting the overall production schedule. The proposed solution would provide ready-to-hydrate, trustedweight dry powder chemicals. Read how the customer benefited from the procurement of larger lot sizes that were not capable of being handled within their facility, resulting in annual savings for raw materials and QC testing.