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Hospital Systems & Complex Therapies With University Of Pennsylvania Health System's Kevin Mahoney
On this episode of Cell & Gene: The Podcast, University of Pennsylvania Health System’s CEO Kevin Mahoney talks to Host Erin Harris about how hospital systems must evolve to meet the needs of cell and gene therapy patients as these complex therapies are commercialized. They discuss what comprises UPHS and the ongoing innovation it brings to advanced therapies as well as how the Health System stays patient-focused at all costs.  Continue Reading..
  • During this first episode of Cell & Gene: The Podcast, Host Erin Harris talks to Enzyvant’s CEO Rachelle Jacques about the biotech’s lead asset, investigational regenerative therapy RVT-802 for congenital athymia. Jacques provides an update on FDA approval and details what’s next for RVT-802. She explains tissue-based therapies — how far they’ve come and the work that’s left to be done. And, they discuss what being patient-focused means in the world of rare diseases.


Erin Harris

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