• Developing Effective Procedures In Drug Manufacturing

    This paper explores the change management, risk management, and knowledge management processes and how they integrate with one another to help you construct proper procedures for your organization.

  • Nanogold Particles Using The Nicomp System

    This application note demonstrates how the Nicomp Z3000 system is ideally suited for determining size and zeta potential of gold nanoparticles.

  • See What's Inside Your AAV Capsids

    How to quickly develop a method to characterize and assess the stability of empty, intermediate, and full AAVs, providing a critical, quality solution for safe, fast, and effective gene therapy development.

  • Upstream Platform For Continuous Lentiviral Vector Production

    Here, we demonstrate a high-yield LV production process, using animal-derived component-free media and reagents, where multiple or continuous vector harvests could be obtained from a single batch.

  • Protein Expression Heterogeneity With Milo, The First Single-Cell Western System

    Every cell is unique, making cell-to-cell heterogeneity important in many areas of biomedicine including cancer pathogenesis, immuno-oncology and regenerative medicine. More and more high-profile publications are using single-cell analysis techniques to reveal variability in cellular response to a drug or stimulus. Milo, the first and only Single-Cell Western platform out there, lets you do Western blotting at the single-cell level.

  • Protected Ambient Sample Shipping

    A leading pharmaceutical research company needed help supporting a two-year clinical study of progressive multiple sclerosis. In order to accommodate multiple sampling time-points, the shipping kit needed to hold up to 17 test tubes in isolation, instead of the standard six or seven, and needed to maintain the test tubes within a limited target temperature range despite exposure to extreme heat or cold for extended periods of time.

  • Trends In Cold Chain Storage For Biologics

    Packaging is critical, as biotechnology products become more valuable and require colder storage.

  • mRNA Vaccine Development: Key Insights For Planning, Workflow, And Supply Chain Success

    In this report, we will review key insights derived from the development of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines and how they can be applied to accelerate progress in the manufacture of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics moving forward.

  • How To Select the Best Courier Around The Globe

    As a leading biotechnology company's pipeline and global presence continued to grow, management of the supply chain presented challenges. Additionally, cost pressures demanded a tighter supply chain with better control over inventory levels, and there was a need for increased temperature monitoring of clinical supplies in transit. Learn how data-driven decisions allowed them to realize cost & performance improvements across the supply chain.

  • Optimizing Site Readiness in Cell Therapy Clinical Trials Through Comprehensive Support

    Providing comprehensive support to sites is a critical factor for cell therapy clinical trial success. 





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