Industry Insights

  1. Cell Therapy Manufacturing: The Supply Chain Challenge

    Overcoming the challenges of manufacturing and administering a complex product to any patient is critical for delivering cell therapies. Here two industry experts provide practical advice on strategies to meet supply chain challenges.

  2. Freezing Cellular Raw Materials For Cell Therapy Production

    Key Biologics is harnessing new freezing technology to help deliver the future of medicine. Digitally enabled cryogenic cold chain technology can now deliver the raw materials needed to manufacture cellular therapies.

  3. Dos & Don’ts Of Bioprocess Facility Construction

    Expansions and renovations to existing biological facilities, and construction of new facilities, provide a unique opportunity to rethink basic design strategies and use new technologies to build a better facility that will improve compliance. This article is the sixth in a six-part series on how single-use systems (SUS) are changing the modern biotechnology facility design and construction paradigm.

  4. Cell Therapy: Process Design Considerations To Support Commercialization

    Cell therapies have the potential to revolutionize the biopharmaceutical world, but today’s processes, logistics, and delivery make for a challenging entry into the sector’s growth curve. As the industry evolves, we have to answer (at least) three important questions when bringing these exciting new therapies to market.

  5. Designing The Cell Therapy Facility Of The Future

    In 1931, Swiss doctor Paul Niehans injected a preparation of live cells from a parathyroid gland into a dying patient. The patient subsequently recovered, and Dr. Niehans had a eureka moment — that injections of living cells can have tremendous therapeutic value.

  6. Biomarkers For The Brain

    Frost & Sullivan recently invited academic and industry leaders in neuroscience research to participate in a unique thought leadership forum, our Virtual Think Tank series, titled Biomarkers for the Brain. This forum brought together leading minds involved in the study of biomarkers of central nervous system (CNS) diseases and disorders. The Virtual Think Tank stirred discussion about technological advancements in the field, current progress, future implications of the research and development occurring today, plus unmet needs in tools, key challenges that still remain, and expectations for future usage of biomarkers in CNS diseases.

  7. Moving Forward With Immunotherapies For Cancer

    Industry experts joined a panel at Frost & Sullivan's Virtual Think Tank recently to discuss the current state of immunotherapies, implications of research and development occurring today, key challenges, and future approaches to the targeted use of the immune system in cancer treatment. Read their thoughts on immunotherapies and the critical role for the immune system to play, especially in the advanced stages of cancer, since traditional standard-of-care therapies do often work fairly well.

  8. Ten Tips For Flow Cytometry Success

    Read these tips to help maximize cell separation and isolation and set you up for downstream processes, including cell sorting.

  9. Intracellular Flow Cytometry Tips And Tricks

    Helpful tips such as carefully choosing the most suitable fixative and permeabilization reagents as well as other factors that should be considered when designing intracellular flow experiments.

  10. A Checklist For Engineering Due Diligence In Pharma M&As

    Pharmaceutical plants cannot be treated like real estate. Instead, they require a detailed assessment of where they are in “operational compliance and production readiness.”