Cell And Gene Articles, App Notes, Case Studies, & White Papers

  1. Managing Risks To Time Critical Product Imports At Clinical Supply Depots

    Global regulatory standards for clinical trials are, simply put, complex. In this case study, learn how one company worked with its partner to overcome the challenge of a protocol based in the US, an investigational medical product (IMP) approved in the EU, and varying QP (qualified person) rules from country to country, to conduct their clinical trial in Isreal.

  2. Cell Therapy Manufacturing Under GMP - How And When To Get Started

    Emerging cellular therapies aim to manufacture cell populations for clinical indications, such as cancer, autoimmune, and cardiovascular diseases. As hospitals and translational facilities explore implementation of this technology they concurrently evaluate whether or not to manufacture the therapies onsite. Here is a guideline of how and when to get started.

  3. Cancer in the Age of Long Noncoding RNA Discovery

    The coming years will be an exciting era in genetic research as we discover new biological mechanisms and functions for noncoding RNAs. Our improved understanding of this class of genes should provide insight into novel treatments for cancers.

  4. Jumpstart Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization With SUT Learning

    Single use technologies are expected to play a big role in the commercialization of cell and gene therapies because of their cost, speed, and sterility benefits. 

  5. Consistent Cord Blood Cryopreservation

    Freezing cells without liquid nitrogen

  6. Intracellular Flow Cytometry Tips And Tricks

    Helpful tips such as carefully choosing the most suitable fixative and permeabilization reagents as well as other factors that should be considered when designing intracellular flow experiments.

  7. Multiplex Cytokine Immunoassays — Minimizing Effort, Maximizing Results

    The availability of commercial multiplex cytokine assays enables end users to interrogate an entire network of cytokines in a single sample.

  8. Closed And Semi-Automated Processing Of CAR T Cells

    Challenges of T cell immunotherapies include the costly manufacturing process relying on lengthy and complex open workflows with high manual labor requirements that influence product variability. This application note describes the details of a robust CAR T cell manufacturing workflow that can be adapted for cGMP compliance in commercial production of CAR T cells.

  9. Reliable Single-Cell Sorting With Bio-Rad’s S3e ™ Cell Sorter

    A demonstration of a simple workflow to verify the reliability of the S3e Cell Sorter in sorting single
    cells. Using this method, a confirmed sorting accuracies of >94% and 100% for single cells and single beads is achieved, respectively.

  10. Cell & Gene Therapies: SUT Connection Lessons From Biotech

    Single use connection technologies are expected to play a critical role in commercial manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. Learn about the types of connection technologies and selection considerations.