Charter Medical, LLC has more than 30 years of experience developing and providing specialty single-use products to the cell therapy, blood transfusion, and pharmaceutical markets.

Our 16,000 square feet of clean room space located in Winston-Salem, NC USA, is ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered, with a focus on designing and supplying single-use solutions for cell growth, frozen storage, and biological fluid handling. Custom product design services are available for clients who need specialized single-use products for biomanufacturing. Our team of engineers will work with you to develop the best solution for your specific requirements.

Charter Medical is committed to providing quality products and services with and experienced staff dedicated to exceeding customer expectations from product development, delivery and implementation.


Optimize single-use solutions for cryopreservation by engaging in studies that focus on specific timepoints and conditions pertaining to therapy storage, containment/protection, and transportation.

Bring your biopharma processes together seamlessly. Charter Medical’s extensive range of standard and custom fluid transfer sets are optimized for bioprocessing and sterile transfer of media, biologics, and drug substances from one container to another.

Charter Medical’s Advect® Fluid Transfer Sets are intended for the sterile transfer of bone marrow mononuclear cells from one container to another. The Advect® fluid transfer sets are provided sterile (fluid path) by gamma irradiation and intended for single use.

Cell Expansion Containers are Single-use DEHP-free bags designed for the culture and expansion of non-adherent cells for development and commercial production in biopharma/research applications.

Save time and increase productivity by integrating your preferred fluid containers, tubing, and connections.

​Charter Medical’s Cell Freeze® cryogenic storage containers are designed for storage, preservation, and transfer of hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs).

Cold chain tubing and containers designed for cryogenic storage and transport applications enabling closed-system continuous processing.

Freeze-Pak™ Bio-containers are designed for use in ultra-low temperature applications. This film is a single web 12 mil polyolefin monolayer that does not contain an integral gas barrier.

Bio-Pak® Small Volume bio-containers are designed for bioprocessing applications, storage, and transport of sterile fluids.

Freeze-Pak™ STS (FP-STS) Storage and Transport Solution Bio-Containers are designed for ultra-low temperature frozen storage and transport applications.

Charter Medical Fluid Transfer Bag Systems are designed and packaged specifically for bioprocessing applications, storage, and transport of sterile fluids.  These containers are available individually or in double Tyvek Pouches. Sizes range from 150mL to 3L Industry standard 0.160” OD x 0.114” ID pvc tubing facilitate easy sterile connection to source container of like materials. Cleanroom friendly packaging, supports transfer into the cleanroom environment.

Cell therapy processes and operational needs can vary widely. Customized single-use solutions can have a positive impact on scalability, productivity, and cost.


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