Single Use Support is a provider of innovative single use technologies for logistics and cold chain processes. At Single Use Support, we have set ourselves the goal to provide the biopharmaceutical industry with solutions that support them in increasing the reliability of storage and shipping and in turn minimizing the loss of valuable high-quality drug substance. On the basis of single use bags, Single Use Support offers biopharma companies access to a new and 100% secure logistics process for liquids.

We enable our customers to set-up highly robust bulk drug substance freeze/transportation/storage processes for single-use bags, which in turn in creases patient safety and reduces the risk of bio-contamination and product loss. With the utilization of Single Use Support technology, bigger volumes of high-quality substance can be shipped internationally in a faster and absolutely secure manner, and at a lower loading volume.

Single Use Support was founded in 2015 and is based in Kufstein, Austria. At the global headquarters, new products are developed in cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies.

In the past years, Single Use Support GmbH has developed technologies that bridge the gap in handling of biopharmaceuticals. Its entire end-to-end process for biopharma liquid logistics are applicable to various areas, such as bulk drug substance, cell & gene therapies and seed train intensification. The core product RoSS, a single use bag protective shell system developed by Single Use Support, provides the basis for technologies and services around filling, freezing, shipping, storing, thawing and draining regardless of the biopharmaceutical product and the primary packaging used.


Scale-down to one single drop of drug substance! RoSS.KSET offers the protection for drug substances between 1 ml to 500 ml. For anything above, RoSS can protect one or multiple small single use bags in one shell.

RoSS_FILL is a flexible platform for dispensing operations into single use bags and bulk filtration that are supported by RoSS systems. The fluid path is designed to be fully disposable and is able to accommodate a variety of sterile connection and disconnection options.

Refrigerating frozen drug substances for storage. Flexible, Stackable, Mobile, Coolable & Scalable.

Frozen liquids need to be transported from A to B... we enable it!

NEXT Generation Cell Culture Intensification: Taking the shortcut in biopharma upstream manufacturing process!

RoSS is an absolutely safe and tamper evident protective tray for 2D single use bags. It is compact and easy to handle during storage and shipping. The shell consists of the perfect combination of different materials that protect the bag from external impact.

RoSS.pFTU is a flexible plate-based freeze-thaw unit for any scale and batch sizes. The platform is compatible with single use bags of all manufacturers and sizes. RoSS.pFTU is the perfect solution if you are looking for a monitored and scalable freezing process. Our RoSS freeze/thaw units allow for the quickest possible freezing and thawing of drug substances. The platforms not only facilitate quick but also constant freezing and thawing of high-quality liquids with the advantage of maintaining the liquid’s quality and consistency throughout the process.

100% secure integrity test for single use bags – "at point-of-use" and across all manufacturers.

Highly robust, stackable, coolable and compact – Fort Knox for high-quality substances!

Stainless steel trolley for up to 22 RoSS® trays for handling and storage. Simply ask for details.

The RoSS.FILL Flex Rack enables you to now also fill bottles with your RoSS.FILL, making the transition from bottles to single use bags easy.


Single Use Support

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Kufstein, 6330


Contact: Thomas Wurm



  • Liquid bulk drug substance is of utmost value after manufacturing from Biopharma industries. The single use bag independent platform RoSS helps to avoid product loss through breakages through robust composition and makes it possible to introduce your flexible end-to-end solution in drug substance logistics.

  • Our unrivaled lead times while adjusting to your specifications make it easy to get your customized manifold for filling of drug substance into single use bags and bottles.

  • We close the gap between downstream and the fill & finish process in the biopharma industry. On the basis of single-use bags, we offer biopharma companies access to a new and almost 100% secure logistics process for liquids.

  • For any single use bag and any freezing infrastructure freeze your drug substance/product without worries! The right material at the right place – what we can learn from oysters. Tough protected & tamper evident! The tried and tested single-use bag gets its 100% secure and compact shell.

  • RoSS.pFTU is our “standard" freeze-thaw platform. It is suitable for different batch sizes and offers a fully scalable solution for medium-sized and large batch volumes. The platform is the perfect freeze & thaw single use option as it is compatible with single use bags from all established manufacturers as well as with different sizes and volumes.