Invetech helps cell and gene therapy developers to visualize, strategize and manage the future. With proven processes, expert insights and full-spectrum services, we swiftly accelerate life-changing therapies from clinical to commercial-scale manufacturing. With configurable technology platforms and automated production systems, we enable predictable, reproducible products of the highest quality and efficacy. Our integrated approach brings together biological scientists, engineers, designers and program managers to deliver successful market offerings to more people globally. Working in close collaboration with early-stage and mature life science companies, we are committed to advancing the next generation of vital, emerging therapies to revolutionize healthcare and precision medicine.

One of the continued challenges for scalable commercial manufacturing of cell therapies is closing and automating the entire manufacturing process. Many core manufacturing processes may be closed, but peripheral systems e.g. media formulation, viral vector packaging remain open – introducing opportunities for failures.
Invetech’s approach enables manufacturers to close and integrate both core and peripheral processes.
Our in-depth understanding of platforms and processes support seamless configuration and integration of equipment with single-use systems tailored for specific manufacturing needs. This complete life-cycle approach assures compatibility and quality at every stage – giving you more certainty in the outcome. All elements are robust, GMP compliant, closed, cleanable and validatable.

Our novel systems include:

  • Formulation and fill of bulk media preparations and viral vectors
  • Formulation and filling of cell products
  • Preparation of blood products/starting materials for applications such as leukaphoresis
  • Washing and harvesting cell suspensions

All these systems have been qualified and deployed in GMP manufacturing environments. 


We can meet you anywhere along your journey.

Your needs guide the innovation process from discovering opportunities to scaling your products and services. We will help you move forward towards your goal.

Our Innovation Lab Offerings:

Product Design & Development Innovation Lab

Collaborate with our experts in human-centered product design, science, and engineering as we forge a trailblazing path in Life Sciences and Diagnostics.

Cell & Gene Therapy Innovation Lab

Integrate and accelerate workflow automation from process development to manufacturing with a focus on user-centered design.

Our counterflow centrifugation system operates on the principle of elutriation. Elutriation is a process for separating cells based on their size, shape and density. Discover the four stages in the lymphocyte elutriation process.

The Korus™ system uses a gentle elutriation process to give you a cleaner cell population to begin your cell therapy production processes such as CAR-T, dendritic cell, tumor-infiltrated lymphocytes (TIL), or IPSC-derived therapy.

Our cell biologists and engineers work together to assure your therapy remains unchanged by the clinical and commercial manufacturing processes. Our integrated laboratory services and applications support this effort.

Since 2003, we have helped more than 50 cell and advanced therapy companies across the globe translate their unit process steps into GMP controlled manufacturing processes on automated equipment in disposables. We understand the market and have a proven process for designing and implementing a viable plan that will allow you to seamlessly transition your cell-based therapy to commercial-scale manufacturing.

Invetech’s award-winning automated bag filling platform can be configured to accurately dispense therapeutic products or processing material from formulated bulk into individual bag units. Utilizing aseptic single-use sets to provide sterile processing without a barrier isolator, the system provides fully automated, closed, efficient and flexible bag filling in class C or D cleanroom settings. Designed for GMP manufacturing, this configurable system is scalable and minimizes process variability.

Formulate and Fill Media with this GMP Automated Media Production Platform

Automated, closed cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Through our Strategic Program Management approach, we plan and structure our programs to align with your objectives. All of our processes are built around identifying and mitigating risks while allowing flexibility to change and adapt our approach to deliver the best program outcome.

Products succeed when people succeed. Therefore, creating a great experience is essential to commercial success. Through observation and hands-on user testing of prototypes using methods grounded in behavioral science, we’re able to design simple, intuitive workflows, while mitigating the risk of errors. This human-centered approach is tightly integrated into our design and development processes to ensure we’re delivering engaging, easy to use products.



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