Cell & Gene Therapy Application Laboratory Services

Source: Invetech
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Our cell biologists and engineers work together to assure your therapy remains unchanged by the clinical and commercial manufacturing processes. Our integrated laboratory services and applications support this effort.

  • Integration of unit operations: Enables a streamlined, efficient manufacturing process.
  • Process optimization: Migrates open processes to closed systems, which increases reproducibility, minimizes yield loss, and assures compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Industrialization: Creates scalable, repeatable processes to assure consistency and reliability.
  • Process characterization: Includes immunophenotyping, cell expansion kinetics and residual testing to develop a well-defined, controlled, GMP-compliant manufacturing process.

Confidence in quality and reproducibility

Cell and gene therapeutic products demand consistent quality and reliable yield reproducibility. Our scientists and engineers work with you to design a solution that yields quality outputs in each unit operation. We integrate unit operations to fully automate production systems that reduce costs, variability and errors associated with manual processes.