Strategic Program Management

Source: Invetech

Through our Strategic Program Management approach, we plan and structure our programs to align with your objectives. All of our processes are built around identifying and mitigating risks while allowing flexibility to change and adapt our approach to deliver the best program outcome.

Actively managing risk while supporting innovative outcomes

Our projects are led by strategic program managers who continually assess a project’s risks and progress, and adjust the delivery strategy appropriately. This begins on day one of a project when our program managers work collaboratively with all teams involved to identify and prioritize technical and commercial risk. They will then derive a program strategy with associated phases, key milestones, risk mitigation elements and go/no-go gates to drive actions and ensure we “learn early and often” in the full spirit of Agile Product Development.

Working as an extension of your team

We leverage the skills from all teams, working together towards the shared goal of making your product the basis for a successful business. Depending on your desired level of involvement—from just checking in at major project milestones to having your engineers embedded in our labs for weeks at a time—we will adapt our approach to suit your needs.

Providing the right expertise for smart decision making

Throughout the development process many critical decisions will need to be made. These include trade-offs on cost, approaches to tooling, specific design strategies or choices between different technical approaches. As these situations arise, the strategic program manager will pull from the knowledge base of our entire organization to provide you with recommendations and rationale for the best path forward.

Delivering transparency in communication

We value and strive for complete transparency, ensuring you’re always aware of the facts and armed with the information you need. This includes sharing our process so you have an intimate understanding of what we’re doing to meet technical, commercial, and business goals, as well as updating you on how our process is addressing regulatory requirements, production schedules and budget needs.