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05.14.24 -- The Podcast Post-Episode Recap: Vor Bio's Dr. Robert Ang


Accelerate cell therapy manufacturing and preserve precious sample material with rapid sterility testing

Read a new application study showing the benefits of rapid sterility testing when managing the fast-paced process and limited shelf life of a cell therapy workflow. Ensure the quality and safety of your final product while minimizing the risk of product loss and delays. Learn how to improve workflow efficiency and maintain the integrity and effectiveness of your cell therapy product now.


Drug Discovery And Screening, A Digital Era For RNA-LNP Therapeutics

Learn about the key stages of drug discovery and screening as well as how to overcome bottlenecks in screening mRNA-LNPs to rapidly develop genomic medicines.

Patient-Centered Trials Improve Recruitment And Retention

Explore how prioritizing patient considerations in clinical trials can significantly enhance patient enrollment and retention, addressing one of the field's most challenging aspects.

Process Intensification With High Salt Lysis, Salt Tolerant Endonuclease

In the production of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, cell lysis involves challenges addressed through high salt concentrations and a salt-tolerant endonuclease, enhancing titer and infectivity.

Efficiency Of A Transfection Reagent In Hard-To-Transfect Stem Cells

Discover how our transfection reagent demonstrates robust, non-toxic and efficient gene expression delivery in hard-to-transfect primary hMSCs, mESCs and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Polymer Tech Takes Freeze Containers Beyond The Breaking Point

Consider these new materials being used for single-use cold chain storage containers to reduce or eliminate issues with durability at cold temperatures.

Efficient Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Commissioning Methodologies

Read about our approach and how we've accelerated cleanroom setups for clients under Operation Warp Speed—ensuring you don’t just spin your wheels, but move forward effectively.

Technical Transfers: Ensuring Successful Scaling Of Client Processes

Optimize your technical transfer process using built-for-purpose, cloud-connected systems and obtain results that translate effectively to other facilities.

Generation Of Stable CHO Cell Lines For Protein Production

By following the five steps of a specialized protocol, exceptional yields and stable cell lines can be achieved in CHO cells using antibiotic selection.

Exosome Isolation By TFF And Size Exclusion Chromatography

Here, we demonstrate a scalable workflow for the isolation of exosomes that combines tangential flow filtration for the concentration of exosomes followed by gentle size exclusion chromatography.

Evaluating The Corning CellCube System

This study describes a “plug-and-play” setup for cell expansion in Corning CellCube 25-layer modules in the absence of a bioreactor controller.

Approaches To Pharmaceutical Containment Design, Facility Integration

Review the process requirements, workflows, and process interventions that are key to your containment isolators achieving compliance with both cGMP and BSL-3.


The Podcast Post-Episode Recap: Vor Bio’s Dr. Robert Ang

Welcome to my new article series, Cell & Gene: The Podcast Post-Episode Recap, which shares highlights, quotes, and more from recently aired episodes of Cell & Gene: The Podcast.


Webinar: LVV Development and Manufacturing: The Beauty of An Established Platform Process

Leveraging an established lentiviral vector (LVV) process accelerates drug product development. Join us on May 17th to learn how Miltenyi Bioindustry’s LVV platform provides turnkey solutions for scalable preclinical batches, validated release assays, a fast-track to GMP manufacturing, and regulatory support. Click here to learn more.


A Mass Photometer For Automated AAV Analysis

Advancing DILI Prediction With The Liver Bio-Kit

Freeze-Pak™ Bio-Containers For Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

Simultaneous Single-Cell Visualization Of Small RNAs And Biomarkers

Highly Modular, Adaptive Digital Transformation Platform


Genome editing holds immense promise for treating genetic diseases, but off-target effects remain a significant concern. To ensure the safety and efficacy of genome editing therapies, researchers are developing various strategies to reduce off-target effects. Register today for the next Cell & Gene Live. Attendance is free thanks to the support of Bio-Techne.

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