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01.24.23 -- Defining The RNA Therapeutics Industry In 2023

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High Purity Of Amino Acids: Foundation Of Reliable Media Performance

Amino acids used in biopharma processes must be animal-origin free, governed by strict change control policies and utilize precise processes to eliminate endotoxins and heavy metals.

Considerations To Get Your CAR-T Testing Strategy Right

Review three considerations to prepare for as part of analytical development prior to finalization of CAR-T related FDA guidance.

Addressing The "Capacity Crunch" With A Scalable Platform Process Approach

A platform approach with the flexibility to adapt to individual client needs can provide a head start on development that saves both time and money.

Key Considerations For Scaling Up Lentiviral Production

By using the right equipment and working with a knowledgeable team, lentiviral production scale-up can be achieved at an accelerated pace while reducing risk.

Transfection System Improves Titer, Product Quality In AAV Manufacturing

The new system can be leveraged to obtain significant process gains in the manufacturing pathways of advanced therapies while maintaining the flexibility of transient transfection.

Clinical Research Considerations For Rare Disease Patients: Part 2 — The Impact Of Physician And Site Support

Our industry must examine whether — and how — we support physicians and clinical trial sites, who work under constant pressure related to timelines, data quality, and patient care.

Increasing mRNA Capabilities, Capacity

The growing mRNA vaccine market ― projected to reach $127.3 billion by 2027 ― is fueling high demand for mRNA, which has resulted in a critical need to address mRNA manufacturing bottlenecks.

Osmolality Monitoring For UF/DF And CEX Capture Of mAbs

The goal of this study was to understand the impact of monitoring osmolality during an ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) step prior to CEX capture of the monoclonal antibody Rituximab.

How To Design Life Sciences Spaces That Support Talent Goals

When scientists spend long hours in the lab, their environment influences productivity, output, and overall job satisfaction. Learn how to design a space that attracts and inspires top talent.

The Importance Of Raw Materials In Viral Vector Manufacturing

It is extremely important to confirm the identity, purity, and quality of raw materials prior to starting the viral vector manufacturing to ensure patient safety is being considered and safeguarded from the start of the manufacturing process.

The Biotech Landscape: Opportunities In China And The Path To U.S. FDA Approval

In this white paper, learn how global biotech companies can capitalize on value creation across different geographic regions, optimize development cost and time, and streamline the path to regulatory approvals to meet global clinical needs.

The Impact Of Media And Stirred-Tank Bioreactors On Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Rocking motion bioreactors have long been the mainstay in T cell therapy, but stirred-tank bioreactors have garnered a lot of excitement because of several potential advantages.

Innovations In mRNA Delivery

Straps explains that there is a significant history in determining how to deliver all of the new plate types; much of the work that made possible the mRNA therapeutics and vaccines goes back to the siRNA space. Most people are relatively familiar with lipid nanoparticles. If you inject a lipid nanoparticle that’s encapsulating a nucleotide, it traffics predominantly to the liver, and it works very robustly.

Efficient And Effective T Cell Expansion In A Hollow-Fiber Perfusion System

Optimizing the cell environment is critical for cell viability and reducing variability. This webinar will cover how hollow-fiber perfusion bioreactors support functional, non-exhausted T cells.

AAV Manufacturing: From Concept To Ready-To-Use Platform

Review the critical parameters for scalable production during upstream and downstream process development, with details on achieving scalable transfection in adherent and suspension platforms.

Analysis Of Viral Proteins, Nucleic Acids, And Biomolecular Interactions With Light Scattering

Explore how light-scattering based methods provide essential solutions that allow for the understanding of how a virus infects cells and ultimately to the successful development of protein-based drugs.

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