• A Maverick Gene Therapy Manufacturing Strategy

    Sio Gene Therapies CEO Pavan Cheruvu explains the company’s rationale for migrating away from a hybrid in-house/CDMO manufacturing model to a fully insourced one. 

  • Innovation: Shortening The Path To Commercialization In Advanced Therapies

    In this Precision ADVANCE panel, industry experts share perspectives on the current state of the cell and gene therapy industry and provide key insights in shortening time-to-market for advanced therapies.

  • The Next Decade In Gene Therapy Innovation — 6 Critical Questions (And Answers)

    What's ahead for gene therapy in the next decade? This article highlights six key questions and recommendations for the future of the industry. For example, what technologies should gene therapy companies evaluate beyond delivery vehicles, and how should a gene therapy be priced?

  • How Cell And Gene Therapies Are Reshaping Commercialization Strategies

    In this webinar, Carolyn Morgan of PRECISIONeffect moderates an expert panel exploring the challenges of commercializing a cell or gene therapy from industry trailblazers that share lessons learned from prior launches and discuss how cell and gene therapies are reshaping commercializing strategies. Some of the topics explored will be tensions between cost-effectiveness and affordability, evidence generation strategies and development, and communication to payers and health technology appraisal organizations.

  • An Analysis Of The Gene Therapy Viral Vector Landscape

    Over the last five years, multiple gene therapies have been approved by regulatory agencies and a bolus of late-stage pipeline assets are approaching the market. However, as the first gene therapies began to post early wins, several challenges have emerged. This article discusses the landscape of the viral vector sector.

  • Drive Commercial Success

    When patients are waiting for life-altering treatments, every milestone is critical, Precision applies demonstrated expertise from quantifying the burden of disease for narrow patients populations to demonstrating and communicating the economic and clinical value of cell and gene therapies, traversing the commercialization landscapes to improve or save patient lives.

  • Beyond 2020: Looking Into The Crystal Ball For Gene Therapy

    Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the promise that Gene Therapy holds for all? The urgency, uniqueness, and uncertainty surrounding gene therapy manufacturing creates many challenges. Let us take a look into the crystal ball of gene therapy to address unanswered questions and plan for what’s next in 2021 and beyond.

  • Jumpstart Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization With SUT Learning

    Single use technologies are expected to play a big role in the commercialization of cell and gene therapies because of their cost, speed, and sterility benefits. 

  • Medicare Braces For Expanded Use Of High-Cost CAR T-Cell Therapy

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established a new reimbursement rate for inpatient CAR T-cell delivery in 2021 designed to more closely reflect the true costs of care and address the financial losses experienced by many healthcare institutions. This article delves into details on this and also discusses another significant change for 2021.

  • Cell & Gene Therapy Laboratory Services And Applications

    Our cell biologists and engineers work together to assure your therapy remains unchanged by the clinical and commercial manufacturing processes. Our integrated laboratory services and applications support this effort.