From The Editor | July 26, 2021

Penn Medicine's CEO On Hospitals And Complex Therapies


By Erin Harris, Editor-In-Chief, Cell & Gene
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On this episode of Cell & Gene: The Podcast, University of Pennsylvania Health System’s CEO Kevin Mahoney and I talk about how hospital systems must evolve to meet the needs of cell and gene therapy patients as these complex therapies are commercialized. Indeed, as complex therapies are commercialized, the University of Pennsylvania Health System has evolved to work with regulators, manufacturers, its hospitals, and academic institutions to create mechanisms whereby learnings can be disseminated quickly, as patients and physicians may need help in real time. We talk through what health systems be doing to ready themselves for cell and gene therapies being a major component of the future of medicine.

We also discuss what comprises UPHS and the ongoing innovation it brings to advanced therapies as well as how the Health System stays patient-focused at all costs.

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