Erin Harris

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Erin Harris is chief editor of Cell & Gene and a contributing editor to Life Science Leader magazine. She studied English and psychology at Lafayette College and has 20+ years of experience in B2B publishing. Erin spent 10 years covering and reporting on the adoption of information technology from a B2B perspective. She’s written on technology topics ranging from Big Data and analytics to security and e-commerce. In each case, her reporting centered on innovations that improved operational efficiencies, fostered interdepartmental collaboration, or enhanced supply chains. Currently, she writes actionable information for professionals involved in the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapies. She covers the entire product lifecycle from basic research to commercialization. Erin has interviewed executives from Fortune 500 as well as startups. She has moderated panel discussions and has spoken at numerous industry events from large conferences to niche forums.


  • Philadelphia As A Cell & Gene Therapy Hub

    Saul Behar, Senior Vice President, Advancement and Strategic Initiatives at University City Science Center explains why Philadelphia has a unique combination of factors in terms of the strength of its assets around academic institutions, healthcare institutions, and its rich pharma legacy

  • The Greater Philadelphia Region As R&D, Manufacturing Hubs

    Cell & Gene’s Chief Editor Erin Harris asks Claire Marrazzo Greenwood, Executive Director, CEO Council for Growth & VP, Leadership Engagement at Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia about the Greater Philadelphia region as an R&D, commercialization, and manufacturing hub.

  • Inside The Cell And Gene Therapy And Connected Health Workforce Analysis

    Just recently, an independent study to analyze the current workforce landscape and assess the future talent needs of the Greater Philadelphia region’s cell and gene therapy and connected health sectors has found that this workforce is expected to grow between 35 percent to 94 percent in the next 10 years using mid-range growth estimates. The growth could be as much as 54 percent to 136 percent using high-range growth estimates.

  • Inside Protalix BioTherapeutics’ Phase 3 BRIDGE Study

    Protalix BioTherapeutics the significance of the positive topline results from the Phase III BRIDGE open-label switch-over study.

  • BioCardia’s CEO On CardiAMP Cell Therapy Delivery

    BioCardia, a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company headquartered in San Carlos, CA, develops novel therapies to improve the lives of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases with large unmet medical needs. BioCardia is exploring NK1R+ allogenic mesenchymal stem cells in COVID-19 induced Acute Respiratory Distress and is in the throes of its CardiAMP Cell Therapy Heart Failure Trial. To learn more about BioCardia’s on-going work, I caught up with CEO Peter Altman. Here’s what he had to say.

  • Orgenesis Talks Hospital, Biotech Partnerships

    Orgenesis’ CEO, Vered Caplan discusses why the company sold its CDMO subsidiary, Masthercell, the importance of partnerships in driving down therapy costs, and more.

  • An Interview With Miguel Forte, CEO, Bone Therapeutics

    In this video, Miguel Forte, CEO of Bone Therapeutics and I talk about the significance of these two studies, his work with ARM and ISCT, as well as COVID-19’s impact on the cell and gene sector.

  • Adaptimmune, Cell & Gene On COVID-19’s Impact On The Cell And Gene Sector

    In this video, Michael Blackton, VP QA CMC and John Lunger Chief Patient Supply Officer at Adaptimmune talked to Cell & Gene’s Chief Editor, Erin Harris, about COVID-19’s impact on the cell and gene sector.

  • ISCT On The Marketing Of Unproven COVID-19 Cell And Gene Therapies

    I caught up with Dr. Laertis Ikonomou, co-chair of the ISCT PTF and Dr. Bruce Levine, Barbara and Edward Netter Professor in Cancer Gene Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania and President-Elect of ISCT on the use of unproven and unethical cell and gene therapies in the age of COVID-19.

  • Inside Carisma Therapeutics’ CAR-M Study

    Erin Harris talks to Michael Klichinsky, Ph.D. co-founder and VP of discovery and research at Carisma Therapeutics for more information about Carisma Therapeutics' groundbreaking CAR-M study.