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06.11.24 -- Growing Livers In Lymph Nodes, A Lesson On Working With Nature


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Centrifuges Transforming Biopharma Development And Manufacturing

Learn how single-use centrifuges have the potential to become the new bioprocessing standard, helping manufacturers meet the need for innovative production methods.

The Total Cost Of Ownership For Cleanroom Modality Decisions

Are you seeking guidance to evaluate cleanroom design/built parameters? Understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost-benefit basics is a good place to start.

The Past, Present, And Future Of Treating Hematological Cancers

What was once science fiction has moved up to second-line therapy. Read this author's take on navigating the trajectory of how CAR T-Cell Therapy will be used for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Cell Culture Media Analysis For Gene Therapy

Efficient viral vector production is a key element for gene therapy manufacturing where improving overall yield is still the biggest hurdle.

Isolation And Analysis Of Tumor Cells From Human Solid Tumor Tissue

Explore a complete workflow ultimately enabling the isolation and analysis of tumor cells from primary breast cancer samples as well as disseminated tumor cells from lymph nodes obtained by biopsy.

The Importance Of Scalability In Viral Vectors

Diseases that lack a cure, or even treatment, may be addressed with new gene therapeutic classes. This potential has spurred new investments in the drug development and commercialization space.

Flexibility Drives Progress In A Rare Disease Gene Therapy Trial

Review the deployed methods and actions used to help a biotech company address clinical operations challenges and meet changing requirements.

Lentiviral Vector Production Using Single-Use Bioreactors

Here, we outline a scalable and robust upstream process developed for LVV production of HEK293T cells and demonstrate how to expand HEK293T suspension cells.

Cell Culture Solutions To Unlock Your Cell Performance

Researchers say turnaround time for custom reagents and media is a large bottleneck for the manufacturing of emerging therapies. Get your therapy to market faster with custom solutions.

A Guide To mRNA Vaccine Production And Manufacturing Services

Follow these key steps for successful mRNA vaccine production, which encompasses mRNA manufacturing, and ways that you can save valuable time from the start of manufacturing.

Automated Evidence Of Clonality

Proof of monoclonality is regularly a bottleneck in the cell line development workflow. Discover an innovative piece of cell line development imaging technology.

High Yield Protein Production System For Suspension CHO Cells

Reduced the risk of contamination caused by repeated handling of the culture during transient protein production in suspension CHO cells.

Evaluating Cell Culture Medium Performance In CAR T Processes

This study examines the expansion, functionality, and phenotype of CAR T-cells cultured in the CellGenix GMP T cell culture medium (TCM) compared to other commercially available T cell media.


Growing Livers In Lymph Nodes, A Lesson On Working With Nature

Dr. Michael Hufford, CEO of LyGenesis, believes in leveraging natural biology to develop cell therapies. Learn how the company’s doing so to grow ectopic livers inside patients with end-stage liver disease.


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