Film Types For Single-use Containers

Corning Single Use Tech

Corning single-use containers are fabricated using single or multilayer films selected for specific bioprocess applications. The films are made using an animal-free, cGMP, ISO 13485 manufacturing process to provide superior strength, biocompatibility, and chemical compatibility.


Our film for single-use containers undergo a range of biocompatibility tests to ensure there are no adverse effects on any biological material including USP <88> Class VI for in vivoreaction to the material, USP <87> for in vitro reactions (toxicity), USP <661> for extractables, and USP <85> for bacterial endotoxins.

High Quality Barrier Films from Corning

Our high quality films act as superior gas and moisture barriers to minimize the transmission of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Available film materials include:

  • Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Ultra-low Density Polyethylene (ULDPE)/Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH)
  • Ultra-low Density Polyethylene (ULDPE)
  • Metallocene
  • Polyolefin (PO)
  • Tank Liner Film