Corning® Videodrop: Measure The Size And Concentration Of Nanoparticles In Real Time

Videodrop Feature

Ideal tool for characterizing nanoparticles

The Corning Videodrop utilizes the principles of interferometry in conjunction with microscopy to sense, detect, characterize, and track single nanoparticles in real time. The operation of this bioproduction analytical device is seamless thanks to its intuitive software interface and efficient sample handling protocol.

One 5 to 10 µL drop is placed on a specialized Videodrop slide within a magnetic sample holder. The operator prepares the stage for analysis by lifting the handle and lowering the sample protective shield. Preview mode confirms the Blue LED saturation is within parameters. The technician selects ‘record’ to initiate real-time analysis of the nanoparticle concentration and Brownian motion of the bioproduction batch. Cleaning occurs with a laboratory lint-free Kimwipe (Kimberly Clark) infused with certified detergents to absorb the drop on both the slide and objective lens. Data is readily available to review and export immediately after the desired number of particles are detected.

Speed is under 1 minute for loading, processing, and cleaning

With its small footprint, ease of use, and processing speed the Corning Videodrop is the ideal tool for characterizing nanoparticles accelerating clinical trials of drug cell and gene therapy, and vaccine production.