Article | December 26, 2018

Bioprocess Facility Design — Layout Rules And Configurations

Source: Integrated Project Services (IPS)

By Herman Bozenhardt, Bozenhardt Consulting Services, and Erich Bozenhardt, IPS-Integrated Project Services

Herman and Erich Bozenhardt - bio

Expansions and renovations to existing biological facilities, and construction of new facilities, provide a unique opportunity to rethink basic design strategies and use new technologies to build a better facility that will improve compliance. This article is the third in a six-part series on how single-use systems are changing the modern biotechnology facility and process design paradigm.

As we discussed in our previous article, there are multiple variables that must be considered in the layout of a biopharmaceutical facility, and many of these variables are interdependent. The adoption of single-use systems (SUS) is allowing for a shift in the balance of those variables to enable smaller and more flexible facilities. This article will explore modern facility design options and configurations, and the realities of building a facility around the SUS process technology discussed last month.

Integrated Project Services (IPS)