Bag Filling System For Media, Viral Vector, Drug Intermediates And Cell Products

Source: Invetech
Invetech 3

Invetech’s award-winning automated bag filling platform can be configured to accurately dispense therapeutic products or processing material from formulated bulk into individual bag units. Utilizing aseptic single-use sets to provide sterile processing without a barrier isolator, the system provides fully automated, closed, efficient and flexible bag filling in class C or D cleanroom settings. Designed for GMP manufacturing, this configurable system is scalable and minimizes process variability.

This new generation automated bag filling platform can be easily configured for various products:
• Cell therapy products
• Working and master cell banks
• Viral vectors
• Low volume reagent preparation

This versatile, GMP bag filling system enables rapid configuration to meet your specific filling needs

Get a glimpse of the core capabilities - click here for video.

Transition from process development to GMP manufacture

Invetech’s cell and gene therapy automation systems aid transition to integrated GMP manufacturing, from pre-clinical to large-scale manufacturing, without any substantive process changes. All elements are robust, GMP compliant, closed, cleanable and designed to speed process validation.