From The Editor | June 7, 2021

AAV & Lentivirus Gene Therapies With Sio Gene Therapeutics' Dr. Pavan Cheruvu


By Erin Harris, Editor-In-Chief, Cell & Gene
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I had the opportunity to guest host on Matt Pillar’s Business of Biotech podcast recently when Matt and I chatted Sio Gene Therapies CEO Pavan Cheruvu, M.D. We discuss Dr. Cheruvu's formative years and inspiration, and more. Sio recently announced data in a rare pediatric disease called GM1 gangliosidosis at the 2021 ASGCT Annual Meeting. We discuss the disease, what causes it, why gene therapy is a good approach to treat it. Sio’s current programs focus on gene therapy; as such, we discuss the development and production challenges and the anticipated manufacturing challenges for commercial scale-up.

Give it a listen.