Newsletter | April 30, 2024

04.30.24 -- 2024: The Year Of Development In Cell Therapy


Webinar: LVV Development and Manufacturing: The Beauty of An Established Platform Process

Leveraging an established lentiviral vector (LVV) process accelerates drug product development. Join us on May 17th to learn how Miltenyi Bioindustry’s LVV platform provides turnkey solutions for scalable preclinical batches, validated release assays, a fast-track to GMP manufacturing, and regulatory support. Click here to learn more.


2024: The Year Of Development In Cell Therapy

Here are some examples of what CGT leaders have shared with me and with Cell & Gene’s readers about developments in cell therapy.


Cell And Gene Therapy Insights From An Expert

Application scientist, Dr. Jorge Escobar Ivirico, explains and underscores the key differences with the production of exosomes from other cellular therapies.

Cleanroom Design Considerations For Drug Manufacturing

Compare and contrast the pros and cons of several cleanroom design and construction methods to determine the most suitable approach for your specific project.

How Sponsors And Patients Benefit From A Site-Centric Partnership

Creating a site-centric partnership between a pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical sponsor and a clinical trial site can ease personnel and patient burdens, driving high-quality data collection and documentation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Global Clinical Trial Landscape

While RA presents a substantial global health challenge, see how evolving therapies and research efforts offer hope for improved outcomes and better management of this debilitating condition.

Transforming T Cell Manufacturing Via Elutriation With Korus

Learn about a system that uses a gentle elutriation process to give manufacturers a cleaner cell population to begin cell therapy production processes such as CAR T.

Spent Media Analysis To Improve Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Targeted metabolomics-based PAT allows for metabolic profiling of the T-cells throughout the cell therapy manufacturing process through spent media analysis.

How Different Are Oncology Clinical Trials?

Oncology clinical trials pose unique challenges. Dive into five key reasons behind the intricacies of oncology trials, from recruitment hurdles to data volume and efficacy endpoints.

Rev-Up AAV Genome Production In Upstream Manufacturing

By increasing recombinant AAV titers, this AAV enhancer can help reduce upstream manufacturing costs and lower the cost per therapeutic dose.

Multi-Product Cell Therapy Facility Cleanroom Solutions

Find out how a multi-product cell therapy manufacturer chose the best cleanroom spaces for their work producing clinical grade products safely and efficiently.

How To Accelerate Downstream Processes In AAV Manufacturing

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Quentin Bazot, Head of Innovation and Development from ABL, shares insights into the impact that a new photometer is having on ABL's AAV process development workflow.


Mastering Medical Writing: Essential Skills For Clinical Documentation

Key Factors When Selecting A Modular Cleanroom For Drug Manufacturing

Producer Cell Line To Elevate Your AAV Production To The Next Level

Fluorokines For Chimeric Antigen Receptor Detection

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