• Top Tips For Preventing Customs Chaos

    See how selecting the right IOR, getting an early start, following the rules, perfecting the paperwork, and knowing the numbers can streamline your customs process.

  • Total Transportation Management

    The transportation of life science shipments has become increasingly more complex over the years, with patient pools expanding, often to remote locations across the globe. In addition, the growth of biologics has added increased complexity to the supply chain due to cold chain handling, storage and distribution requirements across the supply chain.

  • The Challenge Of Keeping Cool

    From manufacturing through delivery to the patient, pharmaceutical drugs must be maintained within strict temperature guidelines to protect the efficacy of the product. This level of protection is not exclusive to refrigerated and frozen product. Even ambient product (generally 15°C to 25°C) needs protection in climates where it can be at risk of becoming too warm or cold.

  • Securing Today’s Biomanufacturing Supply Chain Using Transformative Supply

    Managing today’s supply chain complexity begins by transforming historically transactional relationships to those that drive suppliers to value-added status, working toward shared customer goals.

  • Safely Transporting Medicines To Patients

    Do pharmaceutical companies underestimate the challenges of transportation throughout the supply chain? There are many pain points when it comes to sending a therapy from A to B, but with the right collaborations in place, these can be mitigated.

  • The Need For Digital Networks To Support Cell And Gene Therapies

    Cell and gene therapies have a level of complexity from a supply chain perspective that needs new approaches, including a high level of information sharing and integration. This topic was covered from different perspectives at two recent conferences.

  • Digitization Of The Supply Chain: Challenges In Scaling Up Cell & Gene Therapy

    This white paper discusses the unique biopharmaceutical supply chain challenges of Cell & Gene therapy logistics and recommends forward-thinking solutions to address them. Successfully overcoming these logistics challenges is essential in order to scale up C&G therapies to treat large numbers of patients worldwide.

  • Does Blockchain Make Sense For The Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Chain?

    Understanding the impact and requirements for a clearly defined supply chain strategy and implementing this into the complex environment of cell and gene therapies is not a simple task. It requires dedication and participation from all the stakeholders across the development-to-delivery life cycle. All the details need to be defined, simulation models developed, and risk assessed — and remediation plans put in place. 

  • Sample Fulfillment and Distribution Solutions Fact Sheet

    For over 30 years life science manufacturers have chosen Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific Logistics solutions for their commercial sample distribution needs. Download the fact sheet to learn why.

  • OnTheGoSM Services Fact Sheet

    OnTheGoSM is a PDMA-compliant suite of mobile/web apps that optimize sales representative productivity and enhance practitioner convenience and service. They complement the Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific specialty logistics sample distribution service offering by providing Sales Representatives and Managers with enhanced capabilities.