Qosina is a leading global supplier of more than 5,000 stock components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries and offers a comprehensive selection of parts for the design, development and manufacture of single-use systems for bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy.

We are your one-stop source for single-use components, with low minimum order quantities, a liberal sampling policy and bill of material kitting, all supported by regulatory documentation and backed by Qosina’s assurance of supply.

Qosina is ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, and ISO 14001 certified and operates in a 95,000 square-foot, climate-controlled facility that includes an ISO Class 8 Clean Room.


With over 5,000 in-stock components available off the shelf and an in-house product development team that can work with you on custom products, we can help you with all of your component requirements and get you exactly what you need!

The AseptiQuik® family of Connectors provides quick and easy sterile connections, even in non-sterile environments — a critical capability for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. The connectors' robust construction provides enhanced user confidence and reliable performance without the need for clamps, fixtures, or tube welders. The innovative sterile connector technology allows manufacturers to make aseptic connections quickly and easily between single-use bag systems, tube sets, and/or stainless process equipment.

Qosina carries a diverse selection of tube-to-tube barb available in more than 500 configurations. 

Qosina offers a full line of quick-release connects and disconnect couplings for single-use systems. Designed with quality and economy in mind, our quick-release couplings are useful in any application where tubing requires quick and safe connection and disconnection.

Qosina maintains an extensive portfolio of pinch clamps for single-use systems which are offered in various sizes, colors, styles and materials. Our clamps are available to fit tubing dimensions of various outside diameters, ranging from 0.059 inch (1.5 mm) to 0.75 inch (19 mm).

Qosina offers a wide selection of male luer and female luer fittings and connectors, luer adapters and luer accessories. Over 120 separate configurations are offered in nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVDF, with many color and special material options available.

Qosina offers an extensive line of check valves, available in an assortment of designs, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Complete your project by choosing among our one-way duckbills, high-flow and in-line, luer-activated and dual check valves.

Qosina carries an extensive line of stopcocks that are in-stock and ready for immediate delivery. Our stopcocks are offered in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-way fluid direction and 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-gang manifolds. Connections include male luer slip, male luer lock, male luer with spin lock, rotating male luer lock, female luer lock, and tubing ports ranging from 0.118 inch (3 mm) ID to 0.26- inch (6.6 mm) ID. The low-torque, easy-to-turn handles allow for smooth movement when changing fluid direction.

Qosina offers an extensive line of swabbable non-latex single-use needleless injection sites. Female luer lock equipped injection sites mate securely with all standard luer syringes and connectors. The injection port allows for bidirectional flow, which can be used to aspirate or inject fluids. Made from radiation-grade polycarbonate and featuring a silicone valve, they offer a high flow rate in a variety of configurations for needle-free injections.

Qosina carries a wide assortment of sanitary flange fittings available in over 80 options. Our flanges are ASME-BPE compliant and include regulatory documentation, CAD drawings and validation test data.

Qosina carries a large selection of single-use bag ports in a variety of styles and sizes. Sizes in our collection range from 0.19 inch (4.8 mm) ID x 0.275 inch (7 mm) OD to 1.42 inch (36 mm) ID x 1.5 inch (38 mm) OD. Bag ports are available in an array of colors made from a variety of materials with BPA-free choices available.

Qosina offers a selection of sanitary clamps that are designed to help simplify the assembly process by making it easy to securely attach sanitary fittings to bag ports and filters. Our clamps are lightweight, easy to install, and feature a quick release.

Qosina offers a wide selection of stock and custom medical-grade tubing for medical device and bioprocessing applications. We carry conveniently packaged small coils for prototyping and extended lengths for large-scale production requirements. Choose from more than 150 options available in a variety of brands, types, diameters, durometers, and materials.

Qosina offers a selection of bag chambers available in volumes between 5 mL and 50 L. They are supplied sterile and ready to use for easy and convenient process implementation. The versatile Flexboy® and FlexSafe® brands allow for sterile filtration, storage and transfer of all biopharmaceutical fluids. Multiple configurations are provided for flexible incorporation in all process steps and are qualified against extensive biological, chemical, physical, extractable and cell growth testing.

Steam-Thru® Connections allow a quick and easy sterile connection between biopharmaceutical processing equipment and disposable bag and tube assemblies. The single-use design saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary cleaning procedures and reducing validation burden associated with reusable components.

Qosina stocks a large selection of cable ties in sizes from 3 inch (80 mm) to 12 inch (305 mm) lengths and are available in a variety of materials including nylon, low-density polyethylene, polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and thermoplastic elastomer.

Qosina offers the largest selection of surgical sterilization supplies to meet your needs. Medical sterilization indicators show a color change to signify proper exposure to various sterilization processes. Medical sterilization indicators are available for EtO (ethylene oxide) sterilization with an indicator that changes from purple to green on EtO pouches. Steam sterilization indicators change from blue to pink. Radiation sterilization supplies, including e-beam and gamma sterilization pouches, change from yellow to red. These sterilization accessories can be applied by hand. The observable color changes make it easy to determine whether a particular sample has been through a qualified sterilization process. After exposure to the sterilization process, the sterilization accessories retain their color change indefinitely.

Qosina offers an extensive selection of Oetiker® clamps that can be used in a wide range of applications where robust, secure connections are required.

Qosina offers industry leading sterile disconnects for simple, quick sterile disconnection of your single-use systems. Our sterile disconnect product line enables sterile disconnections from tubing 1/4 inch (6.4mm) to 1/2 inch (12.7mm) ID and connected sets feature a protective thumb latch to prevent accidental disconnections.


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