Since 2013, Precision’s interdisciplinary teams have been advancing clinical, manufacturing and commercialization solutions to help innovators transform patient lives. We know that delivering a cell or gene therapy to market requires a nuanced, comprehensive and integrated approach, scientific and manufacturing expertise, and the right partner. That’s precisely why we’ve launched Precision ADVANCE, a collection of interconnected services and complementary teams uniquely focused on the complexities of clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, and commercial needs to successfully bring cell or gene therapies to market. Visit https://www.precisionmedicinegrp.com/advance/ to learn more.


  • Gain insight into how stakeholders across the treatment development continuum can collaborate to develop evidence and streamline market approval processes to enhance access.

  • Delve into the latest strategies for navigating the complexities of clinical trial execution and gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge advancements that are driving the future of healthcare innovation.

  • In a webinar moderated by Anshul Mangal, industry experts discuss the latest healthcare advancements, their transformative impact on patient outcomes, and strategies for accelerating the delivery of these life-changing treatments

  • On Cell & Gene Day 2023, ARM CEO Tim Hunt provided an annual update on progress in the CGTx Sector. Watch the full presentation to learn about recent advantages in the sector, approvals and clinical milestones, the CGTx investment landscape, and more.

  • The rate of cell and gene therapy (CGTx) advancement over the last decade can seem like we’ve entered the realm of science fiction. The complexity of the field requires the right tools and guidance to navigate CGTx path to making the fantastic a reality in the form of new treatments for patients. With more therapies progressing towards approval milestones and the constant strive to improve technology, staying up to date with progress in the field is as important as ever, especially in areas like regulatory pathways, novel technologies, and CMC and manufacturing trends.

  • How do investors view the cell & gene landscape and where exactly is it headed? A team of experts will examine this recent downturn and find out what it’ll take to get funding back on track.

  • This webinar discusses how stakeholders across the drug development continuum can work together to manage availability and affordability, while reducing patient-adverse outcomes for these life-saving treatments.

  • Advanced therapies have been a significant disruptor in healthcare. Explore cutting-edge technologies, their effectiveness, and what we as a sector must still overcome to bring these treatments to the patient.

  • This webinar will examine the current markets, their effect on the innovation in rare disease drug development, and what we can do to help.

  • This panel discussion brings together gene therapy experts across assay development, regulatory submissions, and clinical trial strategy who will share observations from the front lines on a multitude of gene therapy and rare disease projects.

  • This panel will feature insights from industry leaders on the current state of the CGTx sector, and the future of advanced medicines including innovations in research and development, going from treating rare diseases to prevalent conditions, continued investment, and next-generation technologies.

  • In this webinar, a panel of industry experts discusses the strategies and challenges faced when building a cutting-edge gene therapy facility from the planning stages to build-out to operational readiness. 

  • This panel features insights from industry leaders on their organization’s pipeline, the advanced therapy investment landscape, and the regulatory, manufacturing, and commercial needs to successfully bring an advanced therapy to market.

  • Learn how specializing in planning and implementing complex biomanufacturing strategies has led to the construction of more than a dozen manufacturing facilities.

  • This panel discussion features insights from industry leaders on the key considerations to make when preparing for the launch of an advanced therapy, including pricing decisions and the evidence used to support payer and HTA engagement.

  • Listen to a panel of gene therapy experts with unique perspectives and real-world experiences share successful approaches in gene therapy development, CDx development and commercialization.

  • In this webinar co-sponsored by Precision ADVANCE and Project Farma, a panel of industry experts discuss the challenges faced when building a cutting-edge cell therapy manufacturing facility.

  • Considerations for the Clinical Development of Cell & Gene Therapies is a 2-part panel discussion with our Precision experts and C-Suite leaders from advanced therapy companies on the front lines of development. Part 1 discusses Cell Therapy development, and Part 2 discusses Gene Therapy development.

  • In this Precision ADVANCE panel, industry experts share perspectives on the current state of the cell and gene therapy industry and provide key insights in shortening time-to-market for advanced therapies.

  • In this webinar, Carolyn Morgan of PRECISIONeffect moderates an expert panel exploring the challenges of commercializing a cell or gene therapy from industry trailblazers that share lessons learned from prior launches and discuss how cell and gene therapies are reshaping commercializing strategies. Some of the topics explored will be tensions between cost-effectiveness and affordability, evidence generation strategies and development, and communication to payers and health technology appraisal organizations.



  • Rare disease trials are complex under the best of circumstances—and the coronavirus pandemic has only complicated things. In this podcast, Precision’s Thijs Opdeweegh, Director, Clinical Business Solutions, and Kristi Clark, Senior Vice President, Project Management and Clinical Operations, explore the impact of decentralized operations on rare disease patients, and which new approaches are likely to become the “new normal” after COVID.


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