Polyplus SA is the leading biotechnology company that supports Gene and Cell therapy, biologics manufacturing and life science research with innovative nucleic acid transfection solutions. Polyplus strengths are 20 years of experience in manufacturing transfection solutions with tailored scientific and regulatory support to accelerate research. Based in the Science Park close to Strasbourg (France), Polyplus offers an extensive and growing range of transfection reagents available worldwide.


Plasmid DNA manufacturing using a unique process for Research, HQ and GMP grades


  • Purity- High purity plasmids with very low endotoxin level (< 2EU/mg)
  • Robust- Unique scalable proprietary process allowing plasmid production from 50mg to 20g in Research, HQ & GMP grades
  • Time-Saving- Between 4 and 7 weeks for Research Grade and 3 months for GMP grade
  • Flexible- Manufacturing process compatible with all types of plasmids (from 2 to more than 20 kb, plasmids for LV, AAV, mRNA)

LipidBrick® IM21.7c

  •  Efficient: Modulates LNP properties to adapt the biodistribution depending on the therapeutic purpose
  •  Secure: Use a unique lipid structure protected by an independent patent owned by Polyplus®
  •  Accelerate your project: in vitro and in vivo proof of concept have been successfully performed


Lentiviral vectors are recognized to be the carrier of choice for allogenic or autologous cell therapies (such as CAR-T) because of its capacity to permanently integrate viral genome into host cell DNA. To produce those vectors, cell therapy producers generally use a transient transfection system that is scaled-up during process development phases. FectoVIR®-LV is the next generation of transfection reagent, free of animal component, designed to improve LV productivity in HEK-293 cell systems. FectoVIR-LV is made for large scale manufacturing with reduction of the complexation volume and increased complex stability. The benefits that FectoVIR-LV bring allow to increase number of doses produced per batch to treat more patient, while decreasing manufacturing costs.

LipidBrick® IM21.7c

  • Efficient: Modulates LNP properties to adapt the biodistribution depending on the therapeutic purpose
  •  Secure: Use a unique lipid structure protected by an independent patent owned by Polyplus®
  • Accelerate your project: in vitro and in vivo proof of concept have been successfully performed

Take your gene expression to the next level by switching to mRNA!

Primary cellsneuronssuspension cells and various cancer cell lines are especially challenging to transfect. jetMESSENGER® gives high transfection efficiency in all of these usually difficult to transfect cells, by allowing highly efficient mRNA transfection.

mRNA transfection is as easy as DNA transfection, with the advantage that mRNA does not need to reach the cell nucleus for expression nor require cell division for efficient gene expression. Hence, cells that are slow dividing or that have developed specific mechanisms to protect their genome can finally be used for gene expression.

Unravel the full potential of your cells by switching to mRNA transfection.

PEIpro® transfection reagent is the leading chemical-based DNA transfection reagent that offers flexibility and scalability to develop a robust and sustainable Process Development for viral vector production.

Efficient: 100% mRNA encapsulation leading to comparable LNP delivery results
in vivo-jetRNA®+ is the reagent of choice to deliver mRNA to various organs. This is attributable to its intrinsic properties: in vivo-jetRNA®+ protects its payload against ubiquitous endonucleases, prevent non-specific interactions with proteins and promote efficient cell entry.

Ace your DNA transfection in the cell model you need!

As Transfection Experts, we know that it is essential for biologists to work with physiologically relevant cell models. For gene expression studies, transfection is the preferred technique to introduce a gene of interest in a given cell model, due to its cost-effectiveness and simplicity-of-use in comparison to physical techniques (e.g. micro-injection, electroporation)

FectoVIR®-AAV GMP ticks all the boxes to make each AAV-based gene therapy a success.



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