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  • With the rise of gene therapy as a promising treatment modality, the industry is facing increasing pressure to decrease overall manufacturing costs, shorten product development timelines and increase production. This webinar focuses on intensified downstream process using high-productivity, single-use chromatography membrane adsorbers.



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  • The ultimate goal of clarification is to prepare your cell culture feed stream for downstream chromatography and purification. The race for commercialization of gene therapies has provided an opportunity for exploring platform and templated processes in viral vector bioprocessing. Depth filtration and Benzonase® endonuclease digestion are considered gold standard unit operations in Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) production processes. Optimization of this midstream set of unit operations use should be considered a mandatory and often crucial step in process development. In this poster, we explore data driven strategies for clarifying harvest feed streams.

  • Benzonase® endonuclease is a high-quality product delivering immense value to viral vector processes. The enzyme activity is strongly influenced by the matrix and optimization of its use should be a mandatory step in process development. In this application note, we highlight an optimization strategy and process economics of DNA digestion in viral vector purification.

  • Recently approved cell and gene therapies are delivering impressive results for patients who otherwise have exhausted all treatment options or have had no options available to them. However manufacturers are faced with many challenges in the journey from development to commercialization. Within this challenging environment, a number of risk mitigation strategies related to the materials used to produce viral vectors can be employed to help accelerate progress towards commercialization of these remarkable therapeutics.