Biotechnology applications from cell culturing and cell & gene therapy to related fields in immunotherapy, medical devices, and IVF are increasingly demanding serum- and blood-free solutions. InVitria helps replace the proteins, components, and media traditionally derived from human, bovine, and other animal serum and blood with recombinant, blood-free, and chemically defined solutions.

The exacting nature of today’s processes, the modern standards for safety and quality, and the need to limit dependence on fluctuating raw material availability tied to mammalian blood supplies are a few of the motivators to explore alternative raw materials. The varying consistency and performance associated with different lots from different donor pools underscore the importance of exploring recombinant, blood-free, and chemically defined proteins, components, and media.

Our products are manufactured using a non-mammalian expression system that is 100% animal-free. This allows the use of recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA) and recombinant human transferrin in myriad applications without sacrificing performance, productivity, or quality.

In addition to components and supplements, we offer both standard and customized media for a wide range of cell types and applications. We offer downloadable white papers that detail how our chemically defined, blood-free media offer market-leading performance in both cell expansion and viral titer.

As leaders in serum- and blood-free recombinant solutions, InVitria is committed and equipped to help you move away from serum-based proteins, components, and media.


InVitria’s rHSA is derived from a non-mammalian expression system and is Blood-Free and chemically defined.  Blood-Free is a term InVitria applies to its products to add clarity and eliminate confusion about the sources and inherent nature of albumin products.

In routine cell culture, transferrin is customarily supplied as a natural component of fetal bovine serum (FBS). The growing use of serum-free, chemically defined media in the culture of cells destined for downstream clinical therapeutic applications, however, necessitates use of a purified, recombinant form of this essential component.

Cultured cells and cell products destined for cell and gene therapy or other clinical cGMP applications must meet the highest standards for manufacturing quality, safety, performance, consistency, and efficiency. InVitria has carefully optimized its animal-free, serum-free, chemically defined media formulations for clinically and industrially significant cultured cell lines. The OptiPEAK Complete product line takes the guesswork out of transitioning quickly and painlessly to serum-reduced or serum-free cell culture for your RUO or cGMP needs.

For optimal proliferation and performance, eukaryotic cells cultured ex vivo must be supplied with a host of critical proteins and components.