The life sciences industry depends on quality, purity, and efficiency to provide life-sustaining and life-improving innovations for people around the world. Our 50+ years of proven materials science experience in the most demanding industries allows us to easily become a strategic partner by applying our expertise to develop the cleanest, most reliable and scalable solutions to reduce your validation time, development costs, and time to market.

We understand that keeping biopharmaceutical products and processes free of harmful chemical and environmental contaminants is paramount. Through advanced filtration, ultrapure fluid management, and real-time particle sizing and control we can ensure reliable and safe product processing and delivery.  Our advanced materials expertise, combined with quick-turn custom capabilities, enables us to provide single-use solutions that meet complex demands for material integrity across upstream and downstream applications, with very short lead times. Available in 50 mL to 2,000 L fluid containers, our products withstand a wide range of temperatures, provide maximum process fluid compatibility, and significantly reduced E&L potential.


Learn how this buffer capsule filter provides end users with the flexibility to scale their templates up and out, improve process economics, enable multiuse facilities, and reduce contamination risks.

Aramus™ 2D single-use bags that provide high purity, exceptional compatibility, and increased safety for critical process fluids and final products are now available in custom shapes, sizes, and assembly configurations.

Our technology center has everything needed to make educated decisions about what freezing process and products best fit your needs.

Made from high-quality stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic material, the freezing shells provide greater bulk drug substance (BDS) protection during handling, more consistent freezing/thawing, and reduced storage density.

Entegris solutions allow you to protect and store your high-value process solutions with reduced risk of product loss, contamination, and compromised quality. Expanding our portfolio further, we offer LN2 (liquid nitrogen) cassettes for use with Aramus™ single-use bag assemblies.

The utilization of single-use (SU) systems continues to grow, and so do the purity concerns of the SU components and their potential impact on high-value final products. From the high cost of product loss due to assembly failures at fill/finish, to the ever-increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies, every angle requires protective measures. Now, Entegris brings a new level of assurance to your process. The Aramus™ single-use 2D bags are made of a high-grade, gamma-stable fluoropolymer, providing higher purity, greater compatibility, and increased safety for critical process fluids and final products.

Two of the most significant benefits to single-use bioprocessing over reusable manufacturing equipment are lower cost and simpler operation. And yet some processing steps, such as mixing, have not been able to realize these benefits. The Entegris mixing system is designed to maximize simplicity, ease-of-use, and affordability.

Learn about a microcarrier separation system designed to ease the complexity and financial burdens of single-use systems while facilitating a separation process using a streamlined, single-use filter/mesh bag system and peristaltic pump.

Bringing the benefits of ultimate customization, fast design, and delivery to cell culture applications, Entegris offers the motion bioreactor bag.

What does “custom” mean for bioprocessing companies? Many system suppliers advertise their capability in customization but in reality, limit it to the interchange of components or lengths of tubing. This is helpful, but falls short of what many end users are looking for. With single-use systems, Entegris offers true customization to meet your exact process needs, fast.


Aramus 2D single-use bags in custom shapes, sizes, and assembly configurations to optimize your process and meet your most challenging requirements.

Protect your high-value fluids with Aramus 2D bag assemblies and reduce the risk of product loss, contamination, or compromised quality.


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