Cellistic traces its origin to a single imperative: to pave the way to make cell therapy accessible to the world. Through facilities purpose-built for that mission, we help you accelerate the development and manufacture of your cell therapies in a more reliable, affordable, and faster way, using our exclusive Pulse + Echo Platforms.

Our Pulse platform for cell line development helps drive your cell therapy idea to an edited iPSC, leveraging precise and proven reprogramming, gene editing, and cell banking technologies along the way in a shortened timeframe.

Our Echo platform for cell therapy manufacturing is centered on a highly efficient family of established manufacturing processes for NK cells, α/β T cells, γ/δ T cells, macrophages, and other related lineages.

The combination of these two platforms ensures the highest quality starting cells are scaled and transformed as quickly as possible into clinic-ready allogeneic drug product - all while keeping it in the expert hands of a single, experienced development team.