Bio-Techne unites some of Life Sciences’ most distinguished brands to deliver more than 350,0000 innovative and high-quality products to the Cell & Gene Therapy market. Our collaborative family of brands, which includes R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris Bioscience ®, ProteinSimple®, manufactures small molecules, proteins, and antibody products required to meet the demands of therapeutic development.

Complementing our range of biological products, Bio-Techne produces an expansive range of next-generation protein analysis platforms, award-winning immunoassays and reliable diagnostic technologies tailored for the cell therapy manufacturing process. Our drive to deliver the best user experience for our customers includes our extensive product quality control and custom manufacturing services.

How Bio-techne is supporting the cell & gene therapy market:

GMP-grade products: R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris Bioscience ®, offer a range of GMP compliant cytokines, cell activation kits, small molecules, antibodies and other proteins as raw materials or as ancillary proteins used in manufacturing. These are produced with the quality, consistency and attention to detail needed to meet the meet the stringent requirements necessary for their use.

Protein analysis platforms - ProteinSimple develops protein analysis platforms for Simple PlexTM assays, Simple WesternTM assays, and Single-Cell Westerns. Next generation analytical platforms, iCETM platforms (iCE3 and Maurice), Micro-Flow ImagingTM (MFI), FluorChemTM imagers and AlphaImagers. Our platforms provide scalability required for production and are applicable across all stages of process development.

ELISAs and Luminex® assays – We offer 700 analytes spanning 12 species, including Quantikine® and DuoSet® ELISA kits. Legendary reproducibility and unrivalled reputation have made our ELISA’s the gold standard. We are also experts in bead-based multiplex assays, with the largest multiplex selection available, simultaneously analysing up to 100 analytes.

GMP Cell Processing and Genome Engineering Services – Partner with our experts to develop an optimized process to take your CAR or TCR therapy to the clinic. We provide CDMO services for your gene modified therapy to process your phase I and phase II clinical trials.

Simple Plex – The SimplePlex assay hosted on Ella, our automated immunoassay system, can rapidly quantify biomarker expression levels during different stages of cell processing and development. The robust, automated, and reproducible nature of Simple Plex assay removes user error and allows for process standardisation and assay transfer needed for GMP compliant environments.

Gene Expression Analysis Services - Pharma Assay Services (PAS) provides RNAscope® ISH and BaseScope™ ISH assay services to support clinical and pre-clinical studies for global pharma and biotech partners. Tissue sectioning, ISH staining, high resolution full slide scanning, scoring, and image analysis are performed by a dedicated team of highly trained specialists, scientists, and board-certified pathologists.



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