Advanced Instruments is a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments for the bioprocessing and clinical industries. Since 1955, the company’s innovations have helped organizations improve quality of results, achieve reliable outcomes, and increase workplace productivity. Its newest addition, the Artel portfolio, includes leading analytical instruments, software and services that validate, automate, and calibrate critical liquid handling processes and instrumentation. In the biopharma space, the Solentim portfolio of best-in-class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies enables the clonal isolation, outgrowth, and characterization of the highest value cells for monoclonal antibody upstream development and cell and gene therapy. Its OsmoTECH® line of micro-osmometers are built specifically to support workflows throughout every phase of bioprocessing. Similarly, clinical labs worldwide rely on Advanced Instruments’ innovative solutions for delivery of accurate and timely patient results in their clinical chemistry, microbiology and hematology labs. For more information, visit www.aicompanies.com


Explore key considerations for the early stage of clinical manufacturing, and discover the best approach to track clones during their journey through the manufacturing process.

Learn about a clonal imager that delivers faster, easier clonality verification on day 0 to accelerate your path to IND submission—with zero compromise in quality.

See how clonal imaging technology combined with a trained neural network can identify single cells reliably. Explore data demonstrating process accuracy, and learn how users can shorten development timelines.

Data integrity issues are a leading issue cited in FDA warning letters, mainly due to incomplete data. Learn how this can be prevented by ensuring compliance with data integrity.

Hear from featured speakers as they explore single cell cloning and its associated techniques.

Take a look at the control of osmolality throughout the viral vector workflow and what this may mean for future process improvement within the field.

This webinar focuses on the role osmolality plays in developing formulations as new drug classes and compositions are being investigated.

Dive into good pipetting techniques, proper maintenance, and calibration routines to ensure reliable performance of your instrument, as well as explore some of the hidden features contained on the osmometer.

Discuss a high-efficiency solution which ensures plates are populated with high numbers of healthy single cells that grow into resultant colonies for screening, expansion and ultimately selection for master cell banks.

Explore the range of cell growth supplements from SAL and their efficiency and speed advantages at key stages of the cell line development workflow.


Ideal for standardizing pipetting technique and assessing operator competency, this software ensures your liquid handlers and pipettes and their operators are working together to generate accurate and reproducible results.

Learn about a completely on-site pipetting quality management system that ensures correct pipette performance and standardized operator technique, ready for use in 21 CFR Part 11 compliant laboratories.

Learn how the Artel MVS can be used to rapidly troubleshoot and optimize the critical steps in your multi-step workflow, where liquid delivery volume is most important.

Watch to learn how VIPS PRO optimizes your workflow productivity and provides complete confidence in single cell seeding and clonality assurance

Watch to learn about the latest updates to the Solentim portfolio of products providing solutions to optimize your processes and increase confidence in your work.

Watch to learn about the latest developments to VIPS™ which address the needs of cell therapy companies moving towards GMP manufacturing.

Optimizing osmolality testing to reduce hands-on time is critical. Learn about the first automated micro-osmometer serving the market and how it will transform your lab workflow for osmolality testing.

In this video we present data for optimising choices of which combinations of GMP-compatible matrix, dissociation reagents and media can best be employed for single cell cloning of iPSCs in process development.

In this presentation learn more about Solentim ICON™, the world’s first benchtop system for characterizing high productivity clones and STUDIUS™ software, the new standard for cell line development.

Watch Advanced Instrument’s presentation at the 5th Bioprocessing of Biotherapeutics, and explore four Solentim technologies that are designed for single cell cloning and assurance of monoclonality.

We demonstrate a platform combination of Solentim instrumentation (the VIPS™) and soluble matrix (MatriClone™, based on laminin) for the high-efficiency, high-viability single-cell cloning of iPSCs to form the Master Cell Bank.

Learn how these two new products work to provide a new data-driven workflow for the development of modern cell-based therapies.

The automation-friendly OsmoTECH HT, the only plate-based micro-osmometer, is designed in a 96 well format that ensures efficiency and acceleration of osmolality testing in early upstream process development, formulation development and stability testing.

This virtual presentation of the OsmoTECH XT demonstrates how easy the instrument is to use and explains its key features for osmolality measurement productivity and reliability.

Increase your productivity and reliability with powerful freezing point depression technology for osmolality measurement with the all-new OsmoTECH XT single-sample osmometer.  The OsmoTECH XT measures the widest variety of sample types (high concentration, high viscosity) accurately across bioprocessing and cell & gene therapy workflows.

Combining ease-of-use with features that streamline compliance with regulatory standards, the OsmoTECH Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer gives biotech and food and beverage labs the insight into their materials and processes to ensure quality while maximizing productivity.

Designed to meet the high sample throughput, regulatory compliance (including 21 CFR part 11), and data management needs of busy bioprocessing and biomanufacturing labs, the OsmoTECH PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer combines ease-of-use with accurate and precise osmolality measurements for reliable and reproducible results.


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