Application Note

Workflow For Primary Human NK Cell Isolation, Xeno free Expansion, Harvest, And Cryopreservation

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
GE Heathcare

This application note describe a workflow that produces primary human natural killer (NK) cells at clinically relevant scale.  CD3‑/CD56+ cells were obtained using a functionally closed, semi‑automated isolation process. A Sepax™ C‑Pro Cell Processing System with the BeadWash C‑Pro protocol was used in conjunction with a CliniMACS™ Plus system. NK cells were then cultured without feeder cells under xeno‑free conditions. After cells reached the desired volume and viable cell concentration, they were transferred into a Xuri™ Cell Expansion System W25. At the end of culture, cells were harvested, volume‑reduced, washed, and formulated into 100% CS10 medium using a Sefia™ S‑2000 system, which supports automated and functionally closed processing. Formulated cells were then cryopreserved using a liquid nitrogen‑free VIA Freeze™ Controlled‑Rate Freezer. Cultures were periodically tested for their characteristic phenotype and functional killing efficacy.