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04.29.24 -- What Time Is Best To Bring My CDMO On Board?


Join Cencora this May 14-15 for our inaugural ThinkLive Cell and Gene Therapy Virtual Summit. This event will bring together global and emerging company leaders, providers, and experts who are shaping the future of healthcare. With over 30 speakers, 10 live sessions, and 6 focus areas, this event will provide valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies driving commercial success in CGT. View the agenda and register today.


What Time Is Best To Bring My CDMO On Board?

By integrating rather than transferring technology, partnerships with CDMOs have the potential to streamline development, focus on characterization, and strengthen dossiers for regulatory submissions.

Operations Steps For Reducing Batch-To-Batch Variability

Why understanding composition and what may or may not interfere in your culture process is key to operations in reducing variability.


Opportunities And Pain Points For CGT Innovation And Market Access

Review key insights shared by experts during Advanced Therapies Week 2024 and explore what these mean in the broader context of successfully bringing cell and gene therapies to patients.

A CDMO’s Checklist For Prospective Clients: Part 3

In the last entry of our client checklist series, we delve into crucial aspects such as project management, decision-making, MSA negotiations, and building trust in CDMO-client partnerships.

Plasmid DNA And Advanced Therapies: Accelerating Path To Clinic

Gain insight into the challenges CGT innovators face and how early adherence to GMP standards ensures success from clinical development to commercialization.

Conduct Early-Phase Studies To Improve Manufacturability, Mitigate Risk

While clinical efficacy is the critical benchmark for any drug program, ensuring manufacturability is also vital. An experienced CDMO can help you establish efficient and cost-effective production strategies.

Overcoming Challenges In AAV And LV Viral Vector Manufacturing

Mathias Kahl, director of process development, shares insights on overcoming challenges in AAV and LV viral vector manufacturing.

XOFLX Lenti Platform: Comparable To The Four-Plasmid Process

Examine how this innovative platform has the potential to unlock the full potential of cell and gene therapy, bringing these life-changing treatments to a wider range of patients.


Breaking down the latest in allogeneic therapy research as well as immunogenicity and the strategies needed to deliver clinically successful and long-lasting off-the-shelf treatments to patients in oncology. Don’t miss the next Cell & Gene Live. Supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Register now


Proven Vial Containment That Scales From R&D To Commercial

Plasmid Manufacturing: Fulfilling Projects For Clinical Through Supply

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