Viral Vector (LVV, AAV) Process Development And Optimization For Commercial Manufacturing CDMO Services

Source: CCRM

CCRM provides process development services for both lentiviral vectors and adeno-associated viruses. Our team has completed multiple upstream and downstream projects, and successfully scaled-up to 25 L in a stirred-tank bioreactor.

Upstream process development

  • Development and optimization of upstream processes for various vectors produced by transient transfection, packaging cells and producer cells
  • Adaptation or transition to suspension culturing in chemically defined, animal-derived component-free (ADCF) media 
  • Enabling linear scalability in single-use bioreactors

Downstream process development

  • Development of fit-for-purpose downstream processes for purifying and concentrating vector
  • Adoption of closed processes based on single-use, scalable technologies
  • Optimization of discrete unit operations to resolve production bottleneck
  • Buffer development

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