Newsletter | January 26, 2023

01.26.23 -- Trade In Your Aging HPLC To Improve System Performance And Uptime

Achieve Equivalent Results When Migrating Methods Across HPLCs From Different Vendors

Easily replicate validated methods from aging Agilent 1260 HPLCs on a modern Waters Arc HPLC. The Arc HPLC System easily accepts and replicates existing LC methods from a variety of HPLC platforms, producing equivalent test results without compromising method integrity.

How To Perform HPLC Method Migrations Between Different HPLC Systems

To ensure product consistency and compliance with regulations, it is essential for analytical laboratories to successfully migrate analytical methods. Here, we demonstrate the migration of the HPLC method for related substances analysis of metoclopramide HCl from an Agilent 1100 Series LC System to an ACQUITY Arc System.

Successful Global Cross Lab Method Transfer Of A USP Organic Impurities Method To An Arc HPLC Using A Risk-Based Approach

Through this interlaboratory study and the adoption of a risk-based approach to method transfer, we were able to successfully replicate USP monographs globally on the Waters Arc HPLC System.

Risk-Based Approach Supports Migration Of Legacy Methods For Eurofins BPT Toronto

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing division provides GMP testing services for some of the world's largest pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device companies. Read how they assessed the Waters Arc HPLC System for the migration of legacy methods in a regulated environment to ensure consistency and deliver improvements to their customer service and commercial capabilities.

Waters Liquid Chromatography Solutions

Your work is critical. You can’t afford compromised chromatographic results or questionable data validity. Waters has liquid chromatography solutions to provide you with accurate data to answer your lab's most pressing questions.

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Remove the burden of your aging HPLC workhorses by trading up to a new Waters Arc HPLC. Migrate your validated HPLC methods to the Arc HPLC and take advantage of low analyte carryover, high injection precision, and high backpressure tolerance to improve the repeatability and reproducibility of your analysis.

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New FlexMETHODS+ Method Migration Service

Do you have aging LC systems that are affecting your ability to deliver results? Let Waters' renowned professional services experts safely migrate your validated methods to next-generation LC platforms.

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FlexUP Technology Renewal Program: Keep Your Lab At The Forefront Of Science

Prevention of interruptions to business operations and scientific data has become a top priority for most organizations. Your objectives can’t wait, and neither should you. Choose the ideal mix of services and benefit from flexible financing options with our FlexUP Technology Renewal Program for continuous operation in your laboratory and across your enterprise.

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