Webinar | March 29, 2022

The New Vaccine Race: Why A Decentralized Approach Wins

Source: Medable

For more than a decade, the clinical trial industry has been steadily migrating trials from paper processes and standards to digital solutions and workflows. Yet despite this migration, vaccine trials have mostly remained behind due to their need for rapid setup in emerging geographic hotspots.

However, as we see the rising focus on immunization, growing company initiatives, and government support to enhance vaccine R&D coupled with the combination of new technological efficiencies, it’s clear that the era of migration towards digital solutions is finally here.

What does it take to get today’s vaccine trials up and running quickly and efficiently? Join an expert panel of clinicians and technology experts as they examine:

  • How novel platforms and technologies can enhance the current and traditional methods
  • Why vaccine studies are uniquely placed to benefit from a standardized approach
  • How to operationalize vaccine studies rapidly, with core digital components
  • Why a single platform approach is best to manage your vaccine portfolio.