The BioCentriq Approach: Patient-Driven, Quality First, Transparent, Collaborative, And Pragmatic

Source: BioCentriq

From the moment we first engage, our focus is on doing whatever it takes to help bring your therapy to clinic. Our transparent approach is designed to ensure that our partnership results in a product that is optimized for clinical manufacturing and puts quality first.

Our team will work alongside yours to& transfer your technology to BioCentriq, carefully construct achievable and realistic timelines, conduct additional development work or process optimization if needed to avoid expensive delays and re-work, and ultimately get you to clinic with a safe and efficacious therapeutic. Importantly, all IP remains with our clients.

What’s Unique About BioCentriq’s Approach?

  • Hybrid model allows you to work alongside our expert team.
  • Strong process development and MSAT teams ensure GMP readiness.
  • High-touch engagement model provides ongoing transparency.

What Does Our Approach Look Like?

The below visual outlines the transparent approach we take as we engage with our clients in development and manufacturing projects. The timeline and major milestones differ depending on the unique needs and maturity of your program, as well as the resources available to you and your team.

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