Software Digitalization Solution: Batch Historian

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Honeywell Batch Historian can capture data with batch context directly from batch engines (including Experion® Batch, DeltaV® Batch, Simatic® Batch, and Rockwell’s® Factory Talk® Batch) without complex rules configuration. Honeywell’s batch reporting leverages simple drag-and-drop tile configuration, eliminating the need for advanced programming skillsets or detailed historian database knowledge to develop reports. Support your digitalization efforts while improving batch release, enhancing process efficiency, and enabling simplified troubleshooting.

Honeywell’s modern Batch Historian can be used as an independent, standalone application, or integrated as a module of Honeywell’s Manufacturing Excellence Platform (MXP), or used as a standard part of an Experion® Batch system. It can provide specialty chemical, life sciences, or food & beverage manufacturers with streamlined manufacturing data history for use in batch reporting and data analytics.

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