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Optimize your automated liquid handlers with the ideal liquid for your application.

Artel MVS QualAssure solutions can measure performance over a wide volume range of 0.0001 to 350 µL. QualAssure solutions are available for aqueous and non-aqueous volume transfers, including dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), PCR master mix-like (PCRMix™), and serum-like solutions (SerumSub™).

Liquid Class Optimization For Decreased Variability

Artel MVS QualAssure solutions mimic some of the most common reagents used with liquid handlers so that you can optimize the performance of your assay, and tailor your liquid handler settings to your specific liquid class, tips, and plates. By making the necessary adjustments to your liquid handler, you can ensure accurate and precise liquid handling and minimize the variability of your results.

How It Works

Artel MVS QualAssure solutions contain two dyes: red and blue. Each solution A-E and HV is designated to cover the target volume range. As the volume of interest decreases, the appropriate QualAssure contains an increased concentration of red dye, thereby maintaining constant signal strength to the plate reader detector. The blue dye is used as an internal standard to measure the solution depth in every well. Artel MVS QualAssure are solutions prepared by Artel and conform to rigorous performance specifications.

Solutions To Mimic Your Assay Reagents

When optimizing your automatic liquid handlers (ALHs), it is best to use liquid types similar to what you use in your assay. Indeed, different liquids have different physical properties (density, viscosity, surface tension), and behave differently when handled by your ALHs. Using water as the default liquid class for your volume verification method can lead to biased data and costly errors down the road. To help you with your ALH optimization, Artel offers 3 different QualAssure solutions, so you can choose the ones that best mimic your liquid types:

  • Aqueous QualAssure for a fast and straightforward optimization process with water-based solutions
  • DMSO QualAssure to validate your liquid transfers whenever dimethyl sulfoxide solvent is used
  • PCRMix QualAssure to mimic commercial PCR master mix in any of your molecular assays (qPCR, NGS)
  • SerumSub QualAssure to act as a substitute for serum in your most critical assays.
  • Stock Solution to prepare and test your alternative custom solutions
  • PlasProxy QualAssure to assist in liquid class optimization, volume verification, and calibration of automated liquid handlers (ALH).