Newsletter | May 22, 2023

05.22.23 -- Maximizing Trial Success: Strategies, Considerations, And Partnership Retention

Site-Relationship Strategy: Ensuring Quality Data And Study Performance

Strong relationships between a sponsor’s CRO and its clinical sites are instrumental to study success. Discover how effective site monitors drive open communication, information-sharing, and a mutual understanding of the other party’s challenges conducive to fruitful site relationships.

Clinical Research Considerations For Rare Disease Patients: Part 1 — Reinvigorate Patient Centricity

Rare disease protocol design, vendor selection, patient recruitment and retention, and site and patient qualification can be undermined by several factors. Learn why the clinical research community must use its influence to ensure trials are designed and executed in a way that considers each patient’s situation and overall well-being.

Clinical Research Considerations For Rare Disease Patients: Part 2 — The Impact Of Physician And Site Support

Biopharma organizations can inspire and motivate investigators and sites by showing them in both word and deed that their contributions are valued, resulting in a trickle-down effect: well-supported physicians and sites are better equipped to provide optimal patient care and to execute trials with greater efficiency, accuracy, and enthusiasm.

Gap Analysis And Collaboration Lead To Clinical Success

A comprehensive gap analysis examines documented procedures, SOPs, and QMS processes but also includes discussions with key personnel and scrutinizes outputs derived from these factors. Explore the “report card” — an independent key deliverable that helps the organization identify, prioritize, and remediate potentially problematic areas.

A Full-Service Outsourcing Partner With 97% Customer Retention

inSeption Group offers a full-service solution designed to disrupt the current outsourcing paradigm, resurrecting a common-sense approach to rebuild business trust and confidence in a client’s selected vendor. Primarily focused on oncology, hematology, neurodegenerative disorders, and rare/orphan disease indications, with a specialization in cell and gene therapy, inSeption has been a solution for those fatigued from the progressive degradation of today’s outsourcing options. Contact them.