Krakatoa™ Benchtop Media Maker


Dispense cell culture media, buffers, and balanced salt solutions on your benchtop with Krakatoa, the world’s first benchtop media manufacturing system. Utilize compostable powder-filled pods and bring sustainability to your lab while you optimize and iterate your custom formulations. Krakatoa is manufactured by Stoic Bio.

Manufacture Cell Culture Media on Your Benchtop

Media at Point-Of-Use

Benchtop solubilization provides fresh, cost-effective custom media, buffers, and balanced salts in minutes.

Sustainable Culture

Join the movement of labs striving for greener cell culture with biodegradable pods and fewer single-use plastics.

Sterile Media

UV sterilization and an integrated 0.2 micron filter ensure the level of quality necessary for even the most sensitive of applications.

User Friendly

Krakatoa is easy to use and includes an intuitive interface that makes media generation effortless.

Synergistic Media Solution

Formulate, customize, and manufacture media all within the Nucleus Biologics ecosystem, from iteration to scale-up.

Supply Chain Resilience

Mitigate risks associated with shipping delays, storage constraints, and temperature requirements with temperature-stable, pod-based media.

Automated Media at the Touch of a Button

Krakatoa’s integrated UV-sterilization, intelligent sensing, and self-cleaning process ensure quality media and a smooth precise operation — a worry-free experience.

Drive Performance and So Much More

Drive Optimized Performance

Iterate efficiently and identify optimized custom formulations in small volumes early in development. Plus, solubilization at point-of-use circumvents component degradation ensuring peak quality.

Lower Delivered Cost

Lightweight media pods lower shipping costs and nearly eliminate the need for refrigerated shipping. Custom media in smaller quantities for iteration decreases the upfront costs during testing phases and reduces waste.

Scalable From Bench to Bioreactor

Formulations defined during early-stage iteration are stored in NB-Lux and can be scaled from pod to liquid in a bag or drum. Scale the production to match the demands of your commercialization efforts.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

Krakatoa’s lightweight biodegradable pods eliminate single-use PET bottles, decrease carbon emissions during shipping, and minimize the need for controlled temperature shipping.

Making Your Cell Culture Science Sustainable

  • 65% Reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced
  • 86% Reduction in transportation greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced
  • 88% Reduction in end-of-life greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced

Media from Design to Delivery

STEP 1: Order
Configure and order media, buffer, or balanced salt pods on NB-Lux. Convenient account features allow order tracking and storage of pertinent product information.

STEP 2: Manufacture
Solubilize your media on your benchtop. Insert your pod into Krakatoa and dispense media into the provided 500 mL glass bottle for fresh, sterile media within 30 minutes

STEP 3: Recycle
Krakatoa pods are made of 96% recyclable and biodegradable material. Fill the provided bag with your used pods and send back to the device manufacturer, Stoic Bio, for recycling.