Newsletter | May 13, 2024

05.13.24 -- Key Considerations For Media And Sera Selection

Accelerate Cell Expansion And Sustain Viability With A Serum-Free Medium

Explore the results of a study comparing Sf9 insect cells growth in three different mediums. The study covers the expansion and sustained cell viability of these Sf9 insect cells in Corning's Insect Cell serum-free medium and two other commercially available pre-hydrated media.


6 Questions To Ask When Vetting Serum Suppliers

There are serious questions manufacturers should ask their suppliers before stocking or restocking sera in their lab. Displeasure with a supplier's responses could mean it's time to find a more reputable supplier. Here are six questions you can start with.


Support The Culture Of Adherent Vero Cells With A Serum-Free Medium

This study compares a serum-free, dry powder medium formulated without animal-derived components to other commercially available pre-hydrated media to measure its effectiveness in growing adherent vero cells.


5 Things To Consider When Customizing Cell Culture Media

Are you searching for a customized solution for your media, sera, or reagents? Many labs are realizing the value that custom products can bring to day-to-day operations. Here's what you should consider as you contemplate your options for bespoke lab products.


Choosing Optimal Harvesting Solutions

Although some harvesting reagents are more common than others, each can impact cell recovery, viability, and functionality. Here, we highlight commonly used harvesting reagents and their advantages.



Powdered Media For Cell Culture And Bioprocessing

Corning now provides an extensive lineup of powdered basal and specialty media to complement our liquid media offering including popular DMEM, MEM, and RPMI formulations, as well as specialized serum-free, serum-reduced, and virus maintenance media.

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Corning Sera Products

Corning’s expert manufacturing and reliable supply of serum products perfectly complement our classical and custom cell culture media portfolio. Our serum products are collected, processed, and tested in accordance with cGMP standards and EP and USP methods. 

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Custom Media And Serum

Custom media and serum from Corning, provides a full range of capabilities to meet your specific media formulation, packaging, and regulatory requirements and support you with experience and expertise along the way.

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