News | January 10, 2022

InVitria Expands European And UK Footprint

Source: InVitria

InVitria announces an expansion of its global presence to ensure customer satisfaction while offering a local supply for European and UK customers. “We are pleased to announce that InVitria completed qualification of a facility to serve European and UK customers from its operations in Munich, Germany. Our customers in the vaccine, cell and gene therapy, and medical device markets are expanding and require an efficient and reliable supply chain to serve their growing demand,” said Artur Tkachev, EMEA Regional Manager for InVitria. Starting this week, InVitria’s product line of blood-free and chemically defined cell culture components and media will be available with faster and more reliable delivery times.

InVitria received regulatory approval for Exbumin, a recombinant human serum albumin to be used as an excipient in vaccines to improve stability and potency. The product is recognized as the first and only recombinant human serum albumin approved as an excipient in a vaccine licensed for use in the USA, Europe, the UK, and Japan. In addition, the company expanded its portfolio of high-performance and chemically defined cell culture media that do not contain serum or blood-derived components. These cell culture media formulations are GMP, manufactured at large scale, and are currently used for clinical manufacturing. As well as the cell culture media, all InVitria products will now be available by overnight delivery to Europe and the UK from InVitria’s operations in Munich, Germany. For more information on our recent move and what this means for our future research efforts, please visit or contact us by emailing

InVitria is a global leader in development and manufacture of high-performance blood-free cell culture and recombinant protein products designed to improve biomanufacturing and facilitate faster approval of life-changing therapies. The company provides unparalleled high-performance solutions for elimination of human and animal serum-derived raw materials in clinical manufacturing and commercial production of cell and gene therapies, vaccines, regenerative medicine, and medical devices. InVitria adheres to the FDA, and EMA regulations and offers cGMP and ISO compliant manufacturing capabilities scaled to meet growing global demand for chemically defined production of biologics.

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