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07.10.24 -- Inside Next-Gen Platforms For Cell Therapy Manufacturing


Boost your gene therapy production with the VirusExpress® AAV Platform! Our transfection-based solution ensures high-yield, scalable adeno-associated virus (AAV) manufacturing with streamlined processes. Designed for efficiency, VirusExpress® AAV Platform reduces production costs while maintaining consistency and compliance with regulatory standards. Elevate your bioprocessing capabilities and accelerate your path to clinical success with our innovative solutions. Learn more.


Inside Next-Gen Platforms For Cell Therapy Manufacturing

With additional cell therapy approvals on the horizon, diverse products and platforms are needed to help ensure safety and efficacy in manufacturing, increase speed to market, and decrease overall CoGS.


Minimize Risk, Maximize Yield: 4 Questions For Your Fill/Finish Partner

Reducing risk while maximizing API volume is critical during the fill/finish phase of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. To ensure safety and quality, partner with an experienced fill/finish provider.

Managing Cash Flow And Financial Vulnerability For CGT

Pharmaceutical companies that are able to mitigate financial risk for CGT providers and ease cash flow burdens will stand out as preferred partners in an increasingly competitive industry.

A CDMO's Checklist For Prospective Clients: Part 1

Ever wondered about the flip side of client-CDMO dynamics? In this series, discover why transparency is vital for both parties in a fruitful partnership.

Reliability And The Future Of Cell And Gene Therapies

Reliability issues continue to persist in GMP manufacturing for the cell and gene space. Learn how companies are focusing on reliability and predictability to further advance this innovative therapy.

Qualification Considerations For A “Factory-In-A-Box”

The cell therapy market is rapidly expanding into a multibillion-dollar industry, but its production is cost-prohibitive. Enter the "factory-in-a-box," which can be a game-changer.

Supporting Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Ensuring the safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapy treatments necessitates rigorous quality control. See how an outsourcing partner can help you deliver safe, efficacious therapies to patients.

Accelerated Adventitious Virus Testing In Viral Vector Vaccines

Implementing NGS technology for adventitious virus testing in viral vector vaccine development and manufacturing is crucial for ensuring safety. Gain insights for an optimized sequencing method.


Seamless, End-To-End Cell And Gene Therapy CDMO

Allogeneic And Autologous Cell Therapy CDMO Services

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