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05.02.24 -- Inside BlueRock Therapeutics' Parkinson's Disease Trial


Join Cencora this May 14-15 for our inaugural ThinkLive Cell and Gene Therapy Virtual Summit. This event will bring together global and emerging company leaders, providers, and experts who are shaping the future of healthcare. With over 30 speakers, 10 live sessions, and 6 focus areas, this event will provide valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies driving commercial success in CGT. View the agenda and register today.


Inside BlueRock Therapeutics' Parkinson's Disease Trial

BlueRock Therapeutics' SVP Head of Development, Dr. Ahmed Enayetallah, joins Cell & Gene: The Podcast Host, Erin Harris, to discuss the company's phase I clinical trial for Parkinson’s disease, which continues to show positive trends at 18 months.


8 Tips To Improve Compensation In Multicolor Flow Experiments

Flow cytometry compensation plays a pivotal role as it directly influences the accuracy and quality of data. Here, we present eight tips aimed at enhancing compensation in multicolor flow experiments.

Targeting Macular Degeneration With Stem Cell Therapy

A groundbreaking stem-cell therapy utilizing iPSC-derived RPE cell transplantation has emerged as a promising avenue for treating AMD and various other retinal diseases.

Chromatographic Methods For Large-Scale Monolithic Column Evaluation

Review the evaluation of highly reproducible QA-modified CIM monolithic columns. In this study, the aim was to elute AAV capsids in a narrow conductivity range, regardless of batch and column size.

Testing The Transduction Of AAV-Based Therapeutics

Organ-on-a-Chip technology has emerged as a solution to the limitations of conventional preclinical models. Learn how Liver-Chips can be used to test the delivery efficiency and safety of AAV vectors.

Insights Into GMP Manufacturing Of RNA-LNP Drug Products

Explore key considerations for manufacturing RNA-LNP drug products surrounding process and analytical development, automation, environmental monitoring, facility design, and collaborations.

A Novel AAV-Helper To Improve Yield And Quality Of Different AAV Serotypes

Discover innovative technologies and rAAV manufacturing solutions that have the potential to enhance the productivity and specificity of gene therapy products.

Clinical Center Operational Considerations For Decentralized Manufacturing

Watch as this panel discusses the operational intricacies of the partnership between Germfree and Title21 Health Solutions, which aims to streamline advanced therapy production processes.

Characterization And Relative Quantification Of mRNA 5’-Capping

Examine the development of an LC-MS method designed for the reliable identification and relative quantification of various mRNA capping structures.

Optimize And Monitor AAV Capsid Purification Using Mass Photometry

Study the performance of a mass photometer that was used to analyze AAV samples at various stages of purification to confirm column binding, and to monitor elution from the chromatography column.


The 3rd Process Development for Cell Therapies Summit is your paramount gathering dedicated to advancing process robustness, scalability, speed, and affordability. Driving Process Robustness, Scalability, Speed & Affordability, ensuring the rapid advancement of highly efficacious products through clinical trials, securing a market-ready status with competitive commercial viability. Find out more here.


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