News | March 19, 2024

Honeywell Announces Upcoming Webinar and Conference Schedule


Honeywell at Pharma MES

Visit us at Booth 17 to learn more about our unified manufacturing operations platform and how it accelerates innovation and increases efficiency, quality, and compliance.

Discuss “Barriers to Digital Transformation Projects” at our icebreaker table on Wednesday 8pm, and see our presentation “The Value of a Unified Manufacturing Operations Platform in Pharma 4.0” on Thursday at 10:15am.

Learn more about Pharma MES USA.

WEBINAR: Leveraging Digital Solutions for Regulatory Compliance in Biomanufacturing

The regulatory demands of advanced therapeutics manufacturing differ significantly from conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing. With the ever-increasing focus on patient safety and product quality by the FDA, it is imperative that biomanufacturers embrace digital solutions to comply with regulations and avoid warning letters.

Join Honeywell to learn more from Dr. Arshad Azwad on how biomanufacturing companies are leveraging digital systems to navigate these challenges.

  • Common regulatory pitfalls at biomanufacturing sites identified by the FDA
  • Digital solutions including EBR, MES, QMS, ERP, and LIMS to address regulatory pressure
  • Holistic approach to biomanufacturing digital strategy

Register for our webinar to be held on March 21, 2024 at 12 noon Eastern (EDT).

Honeywell Life Sciences Innovation Day – Puerto Rico

Honeywell invites you to join us for one of our Life Sciences Innovation Days, a series offered throughout the globe in 2024.  We will present a variety of process innovations to support the digital transformation of life sciences manufacturing.

Themes will include orchestrating systems and data, preventing and containing cyber incidents, quality control and management, modular automation, and the Honeywell life sciences product roadmap. Discussion will address streamlining manufacturing, creating batch records, and fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements.

Register for the in-person seminar today.

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