Application Note

Freezing Of T Cells Using The VIA Freeze™ System

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Freezing Cells 2

Cell-based therapies have proven themselves as effective treatments for some of today’s toughest diseases. But as these therapies race towards commercialization, questions have arisen on how to scale their manufacture. Cryopreservation is near the end of an intensive and complex manufacturing process. This step is critical, because some of the greatest technical and financial risks are incurred here. Typical workflows use alcohol-free cell freezing containers or liquid nitrogen. However, these approaches are plagued by safety risks, variability, and high upfront costs. GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ VIA Freeze system was evaluated against both techniques. Ex vivo expanded human T cells preserved with all systems showed comparable recovery, expansion, and phenotype after thawing. These results suggest that VIA Freeze system is a viable alternative to conventional freezing approaches, with considerable advantages.