Newsletter | May 23, 2023

05.23.23 -- Find Cell And Gene Therapy Supply Chain Support

Precision Medicine Research Is Unlocking Promising Cancer Treatments

Speakers from leading institutions and organizations discuss the current state of precision medicine, the effective models they use in their research, and the future applications.

Supporting The Global Biopharma Industry With Single-Use Capacity Expansion

Cytiva’s brand new single-use production facility in Wales, UK, forms part of Cytiva’s >$1.5 billion investment in increased capacity to support the growing needs of the biopharmaceutical industry and to increase regional supply.

Freeze-Pak With FP-Flex For Cryogenic Operations

Learn more about cold chain tubing and containers designed for cryogenic storage and transport applications enabling closed-system continuous processing.

bioGO 53' Mobile Containment Laboratory

Germfree’s bioGO® Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories offer the ideal solution for providing surge capacity for laboratory services. By utilizing a fully equipped/turnkey Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory, facilities are able to rapidly increase their volume without sacrificing capabilities.

Celsius FFT | FFTp With Safecore Technology

Celsius FFT | FFTp with Safecore Technology is a single-use sterile and pre-assembled container with an innovative bag-in-plate design (cassette) for exceptional protection during frozen storage, handling and shipping of biopharmaceutical products.

Aseptiquik W Series Connectors

Explore connectors with a nominal 1 ½” flow path that enables quick and easy sterile connections, in large-volume, high-flow production and process intensification environments.

Global End-To-End Solutions

Discover the benefits of a best-in-class Quality Management System, a global GMP Depot Network, Direct-to/From-Patient, Home Healthcare nursing services, and industry-leading expertise all under one single-source provider.

Multi-Day Preservation of Organs, Tissues, And Cells

The global shortage of transplantable organs is considered one of the greatest modern medical crises. XT-ViVo® & TimeSeal® will enable multi-day preservation and remove time from the equation.

GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Container

Single-Use GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Containers are intended for handling, transport and storage of frozen bulk drug substances, after freezing at -86°C (-123°F). They resist cracks, breaks, or leaks if accidentally dropped.

The Life Sciences Industry's First And Only Advanced Therapy Shipper Product Line

Cryoport’s new Advanced Therapy Shipper™ (ATS) product line, a first-of-its-kind fleet, contains shippers dedicated exclusively to cell and gene supply chain management for both clinical and commercial therapies.