Newsletter | November 17, 2022

11.17.22 -- Discovering Innovative Approaches In Oncology

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Precision Medicine In Oncology

Precision oncology promises a new standard of care where therapies are tailored to the molecular profile of a specific tumor. For the full potential of precision medicine to be realized, regulatory, technical, clinical, and economic frameworks will need to evolve to the nuances of these novel treatments.

Premier Perspective On Biomarkers In Oncology

With advances in our understanding of cancer pathophysiology and tumor profiling technology, biomarkers can now provide important insights at every stage of drug discovery and development. In this article, explore the common applications of biomarkers in oncology, with a focus on companion diagnostics and key considerations for incorporating biomarkers into clinical development programs.

Empowering Oncology Patients: Recruitment And Retention Strategies For Optimizing Study Outcomes

During the initial planning for clinical trial implementation, intense focus is placed on strategies for patient recruitment, while strategies for patient engagement and retention are often left until after the treatment phase. In this blog post, learn the strategies sponsors should consider during the study planning process to maximize patient engagement and retention.

Phase 1 Trials: Strategies For Site Selection And Dose-Escalation

Designing and executing an effective Phase 1 trial for a novel investigational oncology product can be challenging. This white paper explores key considerations for site selection and dose-escalation design strategies in early-phase oncology trials.

Complete Response: Lymphoma Trial A Success For Five Patients

Read about a trans-Atlantic study that evaluated an antibody for treatment of B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma that overcame patient recruiting challenges and has already succeeded beyond expectations in the form of five patients.